Hoisin-Style Tofu

Anybody who hates tofu just hasn’t had it right. Am I right or am I right? For some strange reason, this year, I tried to manifest my hopes that my family and I would have a home-cooked Christmas feast. Seriously, why on Earth did I believe that such a thing could possibly happen, given that … More Hoisin-Style Tofu

Tomato Vegetable Stew (healthy, vegan, gluten free, oil free + high protein)

I have this quirky tradition where I celebrate my birthday for more than one day. This is because my birthday usually falls on a day where I don’t have enough time for a proper celebration due to work, school, studying, or anything else that’s extremely taxing on time and energy. This year, it just so … More Tomato Vegetable Stew (healthy, vegan, gluten free, oil free + high protein)

Evolution 20 Review

Do any of you guys remember my super old YouTube video of the BurnThis Santa Monica Wellness Event that was so poorly edited it’s embarrassing? 🙈 We’re not going to talk about how awfully my camera stabilizer effect totally wrecked the panning of every shot. I would rather have dealt with a bouncy panning shot than … More Evolution 20 Review

Cauliflower-Based Peanut Curry (vegan + gluten free)

How would you like to eat a steaming, spicy hot bowl of peanut butter for breakfast? YES PLEASE. Okay, let me tell you something that I did not mention on the blog just yet, but I have mentioned in my comments on other blogs: I actually had to abstain from peanut butter for a week. Yes…for a WEEK. … More Cauliflower-Based Peanut Curry (vegan + gluten free)

Decadent Chocolate Smoothie Bowl (with a secret ingredient!)

As of now I tell myself it’s going to be scorching hot every single day. To be honest, that’s not always the case, but everything heats up and the sun generally comes out by 11 A.M. at least every other day. The weather is at a certain degree where it’s too hot to enjoy something … More Decadent Chocolate Smoothie Bowl (with a secret ingredient!)