My Food Rules (not saying you need to follow them)

To a degree, we all are subject to dieting. Making a food choice based on nutritive substance, personal pleasure, dietary restrictions, ethical and/or religious reasons, or physical goals centered around health and fitness complies in the process of following a diet. Once upon a time, I dieted with sushi and bowls of granola, then lived … More My Food Rules (not saying you need to follow them)

Cauliflower Rice Sushi (healthy, vegan, and gluten free)

Put me on “My Strange Addiction” because I am officially obsessed with cauliflower rice sushi. Granted it has been a while since we’ve had cauliflower rice in our kitchen…same with raw and crunchy almond butter. By that, I mean it’s been a day. I’m suffering. Sushi tends to be quite expensive and often quite modest … More Cauliflower Rice Sushi (healthy, vegan, and gluten free)

Blog Recipes for the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Many More)

Ah, holiday feasting. Stretchy pants, over-sized sweaters, and bedtime slippers are here to stay (at least until New Year’s Eve)! You know what that means? Eating. LOTS of it. I’ve compiled some of my favorite recipes on my blog that are perfectly suitable for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or maybe other holidays you celebrate with your family … More Blog Recipes for the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Many More)

Restaurant Review: SunCafe Organic

Loyal long-time followers will know that Cafe Gratitude is my number one favorite restaurant of all time. It just has everything you would ever want: raw foods, salads, breakfast foods, pastries, smoothies, juices, desserts, pizza, Mexican-inspired food, pasta, Asian-based meals, sandwiches, sharing plates, burgers, soup, and adult beverages, all from healthy plant-based ingredients! What more … More Restaurant Review: SunCafe Organic

Cauliflower-Based Peanut Curry (vegan + gluten free)

How would you like to eat a steaming, spicy hot bowl of peanut butter for breakfast? YES PLEASE. Okay, let me tell you something that I did not mention on the blog just yet, but I have mentioned in my comments on other blogs: I actually had to abstain from peanut butter for a week. Yes…for a WEEK. … More Cauliflower-Based Peanut Curry (vegan + gluten free)