Bacon-Marinated Chicken

Today is Thanksgiving. So we thought, “Screw the turkey. Let’s eat chicken. But because we have a dog the most logical thing to do is to wrap the bird in bacon. Yeah.” Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon the moistest, most tender, juiciest chicken in the world. The meat literally falls off the bone. It’s dark meat-lover and white … More Bacon-Marinated Chicken

Oven-Free Coconut Sweet Potato Mash

Mashed sweet potatoes get a twist. A fresh, coconut-y and almost tropical-like kick that’s pungent with sweetness. This baby is a sweet version of my favorite potato dish, while for savory I love it with eggs, Sriracha and roasted broccoli. Oh yum…….it’s the end of the feast and I’m getting midnight cravings already! And if you don’t celebrate … More Oven-Free Coconut Sweet Potato Mash