Pumpkin Curry Soup

Throwing back to one of the recipes we created for the Food Science Club here! I know this isn’t quite the correct time to consume what would be considered a “heavy” and creamy soup, but believe me, when it becomes cold at night, this pumpkin curry soup is a dish you will want every single … More Pumpkin Curry Soup

My Food Rules (not saying you need to follow them)

To a degree, we all are subject to dieting. Making a food choice based on nutritive substance, personal pleasure, dietary restrictions, ethical and/or religious reasons, or physical goals centered around health and fitness complies in the process of following a diet. Once upon a time, I dieted with sushi and bowls of granola, then lived … More My Food Rules (not saying you need to follow them)

Matcha Kale Oatmeal

Do you need a bowl of oatmeal that has 217%+ of the RDA of Vitamin A, 139%+ RDA of Vitamin C, and half the RDA of manganese? Combine a breakfast staple with one of the most-loved and hated greens of all time: oatmeal and kale! Believe it or not, this combo is actually pretty common, but you … More Matcha Kale Oatmeal