Blue Tofu (healthy, gluten free, high protein + synthetic dye free)

Here’s a Food Science fact: did you know that there are no naturally occurring blue foods on Earth? Yep, it’s true. According to one of my Food Science professors, due to the fact that blue light reflects poorly on green leaves during photosynthesis, rarely do natural foods exude the color blue. Oh, and before you … More Blue Tofu (healthy, gluten free, high protein + synthetic dye free)

Diet and Exercise: Fulfilling Your Soul or Filling a Void

Differentiating between taking care of yourself with positive deeds versus using positive deeds as coping mechanisms to ignore underlying problems is probably the most difficult mystery to solve. We generally picture alcoholism, drug abuse, compulsive shopping, self-harm, binging (food, television, etc.), or even sexual intercourse as forms of coping mechanisms that do little to no … More Diet and Exercise: Fulfilling Your Soul or Filling a Void

Les Haricots Verts

I don’t think I can ever sit through a Thanksgiving dinner without green beans and be at peace at the same time. They are that much of a staple! I do think they’re a bit underrated outside of the holiday season. Thank God for leftovers so that we may enjoy them even after Thanksgiving is … More Les Haricots Verts

My Thanksgiving Feast

Now I did say that I had a breakfast so yummy that it was as celebratory-worthy as Thanksgiving. But at the same time you can never compare with the good ol’ turkey and potato dinner. Usually my Thanksgiving consists of rowdy and demanding relatives who make snarky and teeth-gritting comments about how I’ve “matured” and have … More My Thanksgiving Feast

Bacon-Marinated Chicken

Today is Thanksgiving. So we thought, “Screw the turkey. Let’s eat chicken. But because we have a dog the most logical thing to do is to wrap the bird in bacon. Yeah.” Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon the moistest, most tender, juiciest chicken in the world. The meat literally falls off the bone. It’s dark meat-lover and white … More Bacon-Marinated Chicken

Almond Pancake Cookies

What’s the best accompaniment with a giant textbook for cramming homework at the last-minute? Pancakes. Or mainly, these almond cookies that look like pancakes. When I was fifteen, my mother used to make the best homemade almond coconut pancakes in the world. They were healthy, fluffy, perfect for a Sunday brunch. My mother and I recreated them … More Almond Pancake Cookies