New YouTube Video: First Q&A!

I kiiiiiiiiinda need to make a habit to upload my blog post and my videos at the exact same time. Sorry if you were trying to click on the video and only saw a failed upload! Anyways, here is my first ever Q&A video 😀 yaaaaay was so excited to answer all of your burning questions! I got more than I thought I would, but I decided to fit them all into one long, probably boring video!

Most of these questions were pretty oriented around each other, such as people asking whether I was vegan, Paleo, what I like to eat, workout to, and other components of my life. I answer them all above, plus make a few little announcements about some of my life update plans.


  1. Are you going to carry on with your plant based diet?
  2. Are you vegan?
  3. What are your favorite food products this month?
  4. Favorite place/city?
  5. Favorite food recipe?
  6. What diet do you follow?
  7. Do you eat low carb?
  8. What do you think about Paleo/vegan/high carb/low carb diets?
  9. What is your fitness routine?
  10. I want to be a vegan, more for health than environmental but I’ve been eating meat and animal products all my life! I know some people turned vegan overnight, and I’ll certainly give it a try. I’m just wondering if I should buy my fruits and veggies organic. It’s a bit more expensive and I’m certainly not rich, but just wondering. Thank you for reading! 🙂
  11. What are your current fitness goals?
  12. What do you like about high school?
  13. What is your relationship with food?
  14. Do you often treat yourself?
  15. Do you eat when you’re hungry?
  16. How much do you think we should eat for dinner?
  17. How do you decide on what to do in your workout?


Hope you enjoyed this long Q&A–I had a blast talking to you and opening up to these questions. Let me know if you would like another one because I’m always here to answer whatever you want to know (except anything uncomfortably personal, detrimental or vulgar, of course!). Don’t forget to check out my last two videos on my channel as well, and if you have any questions just stalk me all over social media, my blog and my email!

***Just so you all know, I am not a registered dietitian, trainer or certified instructor of any kind–just a seventeen year-old girl living life–and only recommend that you do what floats your boat; therefore I don’t recommend one single diet over the other, but only working out as much as you want, and eating clean as much as possible!

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