veSTATION: Restaurant Review

Vinh Loi just might have some competition. A couple nights ago I got the wonderful privilege to eat at another vegan restaurant! Yes, unfortunately if you live in my household, eating out vegan is a privilege. 😦

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The atmosphere was a mix of casual and romantic with the rose in the vase and black tables. Service was friendly and not too slow, and the menu has a rich selection of exotic Southeast Asian dishes such as curries, spring rolls, satay, etc.

We ended up ordering the Buddha wrap as an appetizer. I could literally NOT stop eating it! The combination of the buckwheat noodles and the firm tofu was ah-maaaazing. And you gotta take advantage of the dip. Put a lil’ spice in it too!

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BTW, it was my first time trying liquid aminos. Not bad, not stellar, since it’s been a while since I had soy sauce. It’s a great low calorie, sodium-free condiment if you like it.

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Next on the stepping block were the classic tofu skewers with cherry tomatoes. They were delectably crispy, firm and almost chewy. Of course, if you don’t like tofu’s consistency you won’t like this. The skewers came with a nice tamarind sauce underneath which I LOVED.

Behold my plate down below with the tofu and red lettuce!

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Now, when my family and I go out to eat at an Asian restaurant, we ALWAYS eat family-style, meaning we order some entrees and share them when they arrive. One of our main sharing dishes was the red curry. The sauce was flavorful, a little mild and really helped the veggies soak up flavor. However, my father wasn’t too crazy about the soy chicken, but he’s practically been a carnivore his entire life. Shows how not all Asians would like a plant-based diet!

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Check out how much I filled my plate! Now THAT’s family style 🙂

The last entree we shared since we were a bit full from the appetizers was the eggplant a la carte. Eggplant is a much underrated vegetable. It’s high in fiber, potassium, and deliciousness. Anyways, it’s a family fave, so of course we ordered it. Eating eggplant with my family is like World War II. But I get a pretty hefty share!

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So gooooooooood.

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As you can see, I loved the food here, plus I had three four five helpings! I promised that I’d come back to try the white smooth quinoa and banana and black rice pudding for dessert. I couldn’t eat any more :/ ohhhhhhh well. I can only stretch my stomach by so much!

VeStation is a fantastic vegan Asian restaurant with healthy and innovative dishes with awesome flair. It is somewhat friendly to the raw and plant-based, except many dishes are served with soy, tofu or condiments. But otherwise, do check it out in Sherman Oaks!

For more information, you can go to their website here: veSTATION

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  1. You mentioned liquid aminos; have you ever tried coconut aminos? It is Ah-Mazing!! Makes chicken so tender and I add it to my breakfast mince for flavour.

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