Last Day of the “No Label” Challenge + Trip to Corner Bakery

‘Tis the final day of the “No Label” Challenge! Thanks to avoiding unhealthy food labels for a week, I’ve been preparing my own meals more frequently and have become a better chef! From exploding eggs in a microwave and burning tea, I can now make the perfect oatmeal and create the best seasonal veggie salad. The best part is that I use all natural foods and ingredients that aren’t processed at all, because as I said in the full rules these “superfood” and “protein power” bars are heavily refined and manufactured the same way like candy bars are! Yikes! From now on I vow to eat these bars and raw products less and eat more natural forms of protein such as organic tofu, pasture-raised eggs, edamame, beans, almonds, and even certain veggies like kale and broccoli! But then again, I eat kale all the time 😉

Also, today I went to the Corner Bakery cafe in Calabasas! It’s a bakery and restaurant I grew up going to as a child (I always ordered a slice of coffee cake!) and it was amazing! A lot of their omelets can be made with egg whites and adjusted to your liking! It’s one of my favorite breakfast spots and suitable for those who loathe vegan restaurants. Tell that to my family members. Sigh…


Snack 1 (Pre-Workout): Rejoice! It’s Daylight Savings! Instead of a dark shadowy sky I was greeted by a beautiful giant sun! My workout was fueled with a giant Fuji apple from my garden and some plain Fage without the pomegranate juice as a dipping sauce!

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Breakfast: My family and I actually went to brunch this morning at  Corner Bakery! It’s this cute little restaurant and bakery in the Commons center with tons of breakfast, lunch and dinner selections ranging with classic pastas, soups, sandwiches, and salads. Plus a lot of them can be made to everyone’s liking–swap eggs for egg-whites, or ciabatta to whole-grain bread! A pre-brunch snack, though, was definitely necessary…yummy, nature’s candy! Besides the date!

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At last, Corner Bakery, I have arrived for you! They recently remodeled their walls to look a little more vintage-like which is totally adorable! Plus, they sell smoothies and kale salads now! WHUT SON?!


Thou shalt provide me a large egg-white Farmer’s scramble, a slice of whole-grain harvest toast and some potatoes on the side for my growling belly!!!

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The best things about brunch? Eating a delicious meal and bonding with your loved ones. That’s exactly what I did and it was great to catch up on what was going on in my family’s lives. We are very busy and only pick out two or even three times out of the week to spend time together–if we’re lucky. It felt like a pre-Thanksgiving almost. I shared my gratitude for my family by laughing and devoting my time to them. So reach out to your loved ones!

When I got home, I unraveled my overnight oats to make sure they were dense and moist! My prediction was correct 🙂 and I may or may not have eaten it right there and then….

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The best way to end a workout is obviously eating. And I love to do it BIG. Just not to this extent!

Lunch: This lunch was fairly small, since I did eat breakfast quite late and was busy for a few hours 😦 I barely had half an hour in the kitchen to spare, so I just went with a classic “brunch” style meal of a small sweet potato filled with a tablespoon of Greek yogurt “sour cream” and two soft-boiled eggs. As you can tell I had a HUGE cooking fail with the eggs. But don’t judge! They were delicious!

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What else is delicious? Healthy, vegan hot chocolate made with cinnamon and coconut milk! I served mine in this ginormous Christmas mug! It felt like the holidays because it was super cold in my house and I wore a large sweater! Can winter just come already???

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Dinner: It’s been a while since I’ve eaten this whole, warm and delicious kale lentil soup! Once I discovered that lentils were superfoods, I immediately asked my mother to try cooking them. This soup became an ultimate family favorite! Packed with protein, fibers, vitamins and minerals, it’s absolutely fitting for the cold weather!! Heck I can eat this for breakfast as the savory superfoods in a bowl! Wonder if I should make a savory oatmeal recipe…

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BTW, this has nothing to do with the challenge, but on my Instagram post today when I was at brunch, the first notification I got was a randomly rude comment stating: “You may as well give the f*ck up”. I actually find some of these comments rather amusing because I know better that these people have nothing worthy to do in their time and just want to create controversy. There is a fine line between seriousness and plain trolling. What did I do? I deleted the comment and reported it as spam. Dealing with negative people on social media? Kill them with happiness, show them you’re strong and do not reply to them unless they are saying anything extremely harmful like death threats or insults to friends and family. So dear trolls who put cartoon characters as their profile pictures and have a poorly filtered feed: the fact that you’re taking the time to comment disrespectfully on an innocent person’s Instagram merely reveals how low you are. Trololol all you want but I’m winning the battle just by being myself!


My eating habits have changed significantly, but not to the extent where I stock my fridge with things I don’t know. Firstly, I ate a lot more fat–coconuts, almond butter, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, they’ve all gone in ma belly! I used to restrict myself of coconut and other types of nuts, and I regret it because they’re addictive! (I’ll control myself, of course, because they are forms of fat and eating calorie-dense foods excessively isn’t good for weight maintenance) I’ve always made an effort to cook for myself, but I’ve never spent this much time planning my food! This challenge has done me tons of justice. I may have eaten Greek yogurt and eggs every day, but that’s because they’re whole, healthy and convenient! While a food label doesn’t automatically indicate it’s a bad product, it shows that there was some form of “processing”. There is nothing wrong with having these raw bars, truffles, cookies, crackers or whatever in moderation, so as long as they keep you away from the real things! Otherwise, we’d be better off with what the Earth gave us. Look, if there’s such thing as a fruit that tastes like chocolate, then it’s a fact that Mother Nature knows what she’s doing.

Eat well,


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