Enlightened Ice Cream Pints: Sea Salt Caramel Review

I know what you’re thinking: ice cream again? Cassie, aren’t you, like, already having an affair with Arctic Zero?

Well to answer your question, sort of, because YES this is ice cream, and as for the affair, I have multiple affairs with food so….

IMG_4729 (2)

ANYHOW, let me tell you something about Enlightened. Yes, it was a LONG while since I’ve last had their ice cream bars, but of course, that does NOT mean that I don’t love them anymore! It’s just that whenever I would come across them, I wouldn’t necessarily need them. That was UNTIL I found out that their ice cream now comes in pints.

Upon one of my first trips to Sprouts with Arman, I found that the Sea Salt Caramel pint was calling to me, and I responded in a heartbeat, despite that my stomach was about to implode from the overwhelming amount of chicken curry I ate from our Indian buffet lunch. However, I made sure to read the ingredients, check the labels and I thought through it three times to see if I actually needed this. And the answer is that they all met the necessary criteria (good ingredients, reasonable amount of servings for the cost, etc.). But come on. Sea salt caramel. How would that not call your name?

Apologies in advance for lack of photos of this ice cream, but I promise you that I enjoyed it so many times in a little cup with a sprinkle of granola or Nature’s Paths Panda Puffs (which is one of the cereals I’m pretty much addicted to right now) for dessert! I was expecting it to be kind of like Arctic Zero where I’d have to let it thaw for a few minutes or microwave it to get a consistency that was good, but nothing like your conventional ice cream. Boy was I wrong.

I took the smallest spoonful and I could already feel the difference. It was thick, decadent, rich and creamy, and I didn’t even taste it yet! I put the spoonful of ice cream into my mouth, and boom. Foodgasm overload. The stickiness of the caramel along with the way the ice cream just melts in my mouth….I could not. I didn’t plan on eating the whole pint but that is pretty much what I was about to do if I didn’t have that food baby from earlier.

Three days later…



  1. OH-SO creamy, much creamier than Arctic Zero, especially when you let it thaw or microwave it for 20-30 seconds!
  2. The ice cream is really sweet with a little hint of saltiness. Get some caramel swirls in there and it’s heaven on a spoon.
  3. Macros are not bad at all for one serving–much better than your Breyers or Haagen Daaz or gelato for sure!
  4. Very versatile–tastes amazing with almond butter, peanut butter, granola, dark chocolate, cinnamon, fruit and cereal


  1. The only place I know that has this around me is Sprouts, and the one I generally get this from is all the way in Burbank. Would I really sacrifice 45 minutes for a single pint of this?
  2. Second, it is a bit expensive–around $4-$5–for a whole pint, but these generally last me a long time and Sprouts usually has them on sale.
  3. Lastly, Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Crunch is not gluten-friendly. I haven’t tried it, but I do hear it’s quite popular.

I’m already in love with Enlightened’s new product, but I barely scratched the surface with what they have to offer! The ice cream pints also come in Triple Chocolate, Frozen Hot Cocoa, Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Crunch like I said before. Hope you enjoyed this simple review and are just as excited about this product as I love it. I cannot wait to try more flavors when I go grocery shopping again and post more photos and possibly recipes with this ice cream and you better go and do the same! 🙂

Site: http://www.eatenlightened.com/#/map

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