Latest Foodie Obsessions

Kind of a new type of post, but I am really excited for it because I love everything that I’m going to talk about right now. Have you ever gone through certain times where you’re just so “high” on a certain food, cuisine or even foodie related subject/device? I know that this happens to me all the time because I make it so obvious. May be annoying sometimes, but hey, gotta spread the love!


This should honestly come to no surprise, given how many times I talk about curry on the blog and show it on my channel! But if you were to meet me in real life, my obsession would seem way more apparent to you. Seriously, I’m always asking if my mother can make curry or if we can go out to Thai or Indian food because I just love it that much! But how can you not? There are so many ways to make curry that it’s hard to screw up. All you have to do is master a base, whether green curry, red curry or panang, and then have some fun with customizing the add-ins! I always use a coconut milk base because it lends a nice sweet flavor and creaminess, and if my mother cooks the curry, she makes it mild, but I always douse in a ton of spices and Sriracha in my servings. My personal favorite additions comprise of kabocha, eggplant, sweet potatoes, tofu or chicken, but you can pretty much do anything! As for what to serve with the curries, it’s always some more vegetables, a salad, atop a sweet potato cake if there’s no sweet potato, eggs, whole-grain toast, tofu, shirataki noodles like below, or just by itself in a bowl. Delicious!


It used to be so hard for me to pick a favorite cuisine. Now, I pick Indian with no hesitation. Okay, Thai kind of overlaps, but you know what I mean. Some people may not like Indian food, and if you ever run into those people, just remember that they’re crazy. I’m KIDDING–they probably haven’t been to the right places and still have some searching to do! Anyways, I love Indian food so much that I have to enjoy it at least once a week.

There is a distinct type of offer that I’m always looking for in Indian restaurants. Yep, you’ve guessed it: weekend lunch buffets. You may be thinking–eew, are you talking about those really cheap Hometown buffets that are covered in germs and serve really low-quality food? NOT AT ALL. Indian buffets are only open at lunch hours, so 11:30-3 PM with the rest being sit-down dinner style, and offer only around a fourth or third of what’s on their daily menu. I know that this is part of a college student’s dream and I am so excited to pick them out soon, but for now, I love exploring L.A. and finding the best ones!


I had a really negative first-hand experience with this lovely vegetable, actually. I made the mistake of getting impatient and undercooking it, so it tasted more like thin bean sprouts or Daikon than soft hash browns. Anyways, I gave it another chance and I had NO regrets. I basically cut it in half, microwaved each side for 8-10 minutes and yielded such soft noodles! Spaghetti squash tastes magically sweet, soft and delicious, but don’t expect it to taste like pasta noodles because it doesn’t. I personally just enjoy it as a vegetable, but I do love it with pasta sauce, sundried tomatoes, guacamole, and basil. You can find a ton of cool recipes with spaghetti squash to get creative, including hash browns, pancakes, casseroles and more!


The only other time I had TVP was during my internship at my uncle’s pharmacy. However, I got it again at Sprouts, but this time, in a very interesting way! A clerk at the market told me that it tasted JUST like bacon, and I was very skeptical about it but eventually decided to try it. If you get it and heat it up with water like in oatmeal, you will know that it has the exact same flavor as bacon! It tastes just like ground beef with a super salty and juicy bacon taste! I’m normally not a fan of bacon, but I love this so much! It’s a great way to add some “salt” into a bland dish to soak up more flavors. Note that it’s very salty and flavorful on its own so you wouldn’t need much to add to it.


Is it bad that I ultimately have smaller dinners just to have larger portions of dessert? Go ahead, judge me. But I know that some of you out there can totally resonate–wouldn’t you want to have dessert 24/7 if you could? Anyways, that’s what I’ve been doing lately, not every single day of course, but probably once a week on some Fridays! Ending the day on a sweet note keeps me satisfied, knowing that I’ve already fulfilled the craving for dessert. Again, I don’t recommend having them every day or even every other day. It’s even better if you share with another person, but who would want to do that? 😉


Leading into my next and one of my favorite obsessions of the bunch, this is probably the most frequent out of all. I met Arman online by visiting his blog every week and commenting on all of his witty and wonderful posts! Since he was moving to L.A. in February, we decided to meet up for lunch with our friend Gigi of die-hard delicious GiGiEatsCelebrities! Ever since, I’ve been stocking my freezer with Arman’s desserts, trying them every week and being so excited to see what he will bake next! His desserts are not just any desserts. They are allergen friendly, healthy, mostly vegan, Paleo, gluten free or high protein! Many of them also make really awesome toppers, and if you’ve seen my Instagram, you know that I take advantage of this a lot! So what are you waiting for–go check out Arman’s site!

That is all of my latest foodie obsessions for these past months, and I’ve even been developing other obsessions that I’ll probably share in a few weeks! I highly recommend all of these foodie faves because they are so enjoyable, but also easy to incorporate into your life so you can healthify them! Be on the lookout for recipes featuring TVP, spaghetti squash and more curry, of course, and don’t forget to share your foodie obsessions below!

What are your latest foodie obsessions?

2 thoughts on “Latest Foodie Obsessions

    1. Aren’t they?! My favorites are his cookie dough Easter eggs, lemon poppyseed cake and his blueberry breakfast cake! And I absolutely love Mediterranean cuisine. Hummus and chicken/fish kebabs are my favorites! 😀


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