Best Cereal Roundup

Cereal is actually one of my former binge foods that I made amends with after two years. However, here I’ve gathered some of what I believe are a few of the healthiest, guilt-free and delicious cereals that I’ve tried! I’ve looked long and far for some good cereals that would satisfy my expectations in terms of ingredients, nutrition info, taste, texture and versatility. In no particular order, here are my personal favorite cereals that will wow your tastebuds and do your body good! What’s great is that all of these cereals are gluten free, vegan, plant based, and allergy free.

This is for ce-REAL!

(Stop Cassie. Just stop.)


IMG_8866 IMG_8867

I was awestruck when I saw the cover and ingredient list. BEAN CEREAL???? To be quite honest, I wasn’t super shocked but I was a little worried taste-wise. What if the cereal tasted too savory or too beany to be cereal? Plus, since there are only nine grams of sugar per serving, what if there wasn’t a lot of sweetness?


Upon my first taste, I did realize that the sweetness is very minute. HOWEVER, the cocoa just burst in my mouth! There is a bit of a grainy beany texture which my sisters and I didn’t mind at all or too much. But not everyone is into a grainy texture, so keep that in mind if you want to try this cereal and you don’t like anything with much texture.


IMG_8869 IMG_8870

This cereal is literally the most classic reminiscent of childhood. Who doesn’t remember the green rooster on the white Kellogg’s corn flakes box? What I love about these corn flakes the most are their soft texture and absorbency in milk! What really impressed me was that this brand in particular only has TWO INGREDIENTS, let alone organic corn! Good cereals generally only have seven ingredients or even more. This makes these corn flakes perfect for those who are vegan and gluten free.

However, these flakes do not have much of a flavor. Like general corn flakes, they’re not very sweet. If you like plain flakes, great, but if you’re like me and you like flavor, I recommend adding fruit, other cereals, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, or even sweet potato!



IMG_8871 IMG_8878

Out of all the cereals in this lineup, this tastes the healthiest. After all, it has buckwheat, brown rice, and hemp seeds! The flakes are crunchy, seedy, nutty, and sweet and strong in flavor, which I liked very much. Taste-wise, it is definitely not very good for those who are used to frosted flakes or much less grainy and much softer cereals. I recommend this cereal for an extra boost of protein, omega fatty acids, and fiber.

I am not a fan of the canola oil because even though it contains no saturated fat, it is a pretty heavily processed oil. It’s not the worst ingredient out there, but it’s definitely not the best. If you want to gradually get used to this texture, try having this with fruit, soft oatmeal, or other cereal.



IMG_8879 IMG_8880

Like my sister would say: OH MY LLAMA.

This cereal is so simple but sweet in the most perfect way possible. It doesn’t taste artificial because, ahem, there are no artificial sugars or syrups in this cereal, but you know that there are some things that are sweetened waaaaaaaaayyy too much that they taste bitter! There are a lot of various textures with the soft quinoa and rice puffs and the crunchier flakes as well, but they are all very complementary. Out of all of these cereals, this is the best for those who hate the taste of healthy cereals. My favorite ways to eat this is on top of smoothies, kabocha pudding, oatmeal, sweet potato cereal, on Greek yogurt, with fruit in a trail mix or by itself in a bowl with almond/coconut milk.

What I do wish is that this cereal have a bit less ingredients because it is a bit overwhelming to look at the packaging. It’s not like there’s anything weird I see–I looked up everything, and all looks fine–but this may not necessarily be good for others who are extremely health-conscious.


This cereal is actually such a family favorite that my sisters eat this cereal more than I do! I don’t blame them, of course 😉 these flakes are very sweet, crunchy, delicious, and versatile–it is so good with a ton of other cereals and other treats, but it’s also super good on its own! I like to put this cereal on smoothie bowls and my kabocha pudding!


IMG_9075 IMG_9077

Okay, my mother stopped by Whole Foods the other day and recommended me this cereal, which is why that it’s not part of the lineup with the other cereals. It is also the only cereal that is not gluten free. I do recommend this cereal almost just as much as the previous four. The strawberries give this cereal an extra sweetness while the flakes themselves are grainy, slightly sweet, super crunchy and delicious. Perfect for a snack, breakfast, dessert or topping!

The reason why that it ranks fifth place in this case is because there are a lot of ingredients in this cereal. This may be out of personal preference, but I am not a fan of the “natural strawberry flavor” and “soy oil”. That being said, I generally like to have a more moderate amount of this cereal for a snack rather than a full-on meal, which is hard, because this cereal is so dang good.



Sprinkled some corn flakes on my chocolate PB pudding instead of granola, and it was delicious!
Sprinkled some corn flakes on my chocolate PB pudding instead of granola, and it was delicious!
More pudding! 'Cept with Nature's Path Sunrise Vanilla cereal!
More pudding! ‘Cept with Nature’s Path Sunrise Vanilla cereal!


All of these cereals have their own list of pros and cons, but they all get two big thumbs up from moi! Depending on what you look for in cereal, some will work better for you than others. I have to say that I ate the Chocolate Power O’s the most often, because I am just so obsessed with anything chocolate. BUT, I would eat all of these cereals any day! If you noticed, I rarely ate one type of cereal by itself, but I mixed all of them up to get more diversity in taste and texture. Yes, I did review them individually, but I like variety! Anyways, do try all of these cereals out if you can find them, because they are so delicious and much better for you than those regular sugary cereals marketed to kids.

Have any awesome healthy cereal brands you recommend? Comment ’em below so I can check them out!

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