As You Can See…I HATED My New Elli Quark.

One word to describe this product: ABSURD. Elli had me at a freaking wowza!

My spoon dives into the creamy quark. It slides onto my tongue. I swallow. My lips tremble, my eyes water and a single tear falls down my cheek. I open my eyes and the container is empty.

Then I let out a moan of disappointment. I wished that the bowl didn’t end. With one spoonful I desired an entire tub of this quark to devour all at once.

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I just….I can’t…


While I’m not a fan of cheese, quark is totally an exception because it tastes just like Greek yogurt without that tarty aftertaste. There are zilch ingredients that are unrecognizable (including processed sugars and syrups) and the milk comes from cows treated in a rBST free environment. I am a strong supporter of farms that treat their animals as humanely as possible with no use of hormones and chemicals.

Nutrition-wise, Elli Quark doesn’t fail. Less than 10 grams of sugar and 14 grams of protein for only 80 calories! It’s a guilt-free treat. The actual taste is even more impressive! It’s practically chocolate yogurt. I have yet to find chocolate-flavored Greek yogurt without having to break out the cacao and stevia. You can put this into chocolate smoothies for extra protein and no one would notice!


Boy, do I wish I had more cons to say in order to even out the pros! The one downside is that Elli Quark is pretty difficult to find, especially this flavor. And easy to get rid of. I could only find this at Whole Foods which I go to once in a blue moon. But they’re coming up in more local spots! Hooray!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful! I highly recommend Elli Quark for those of you who hate plain Greek yogurt. This serves as an identical substitute to those fruit-on-the-bottom syrupy-flavored candy yogurts at conventional supermarkets. Let me know what products/flavors I should try next!

Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve,


2 thoughts on “As You Can See…I HATED My New Elli Quark.

  1. You should try something called Skyr. It’s common in scandinavian shops but i think it’s in some stores in the states. It’s basicly like yoghurt with icelandic cultures, and starts with 2% fat to none. It is high on protein and it tastes like heaven! You can altso make a non bake cheescake from it!


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