The Mid-20s Hit: Quarter Life Crisis

Last year, I turned 25. Oddly enough, the surreal sensations have been much, much stronger after a few months of being in my mid-20s have sunk in. I’m closer to being 30 than I am to 20. What I assume in my head starts with a Y (hint: it rotates between “yay!” and “YIKES” depending on my mood).

For one, I don’t feel any less worthy of a woman or less beautiful. However, I do recall anticipating SO much from this day because, just like any birthdayzilla, I like making a massive celebration out of anything that puts me or anyone I love on a pedestal. I won’t lie…a LOT did not go my way this time around. Perhaps it was my desperation pushing many of my ideal outcomes away or my obsessive mindset fixated on all that was lacking or the worst case scenarios. It wasn’t until I waved my hands in the air and said, “Whatever! I give up! Just do whatever you want!”, when all the pieces came together so beautifully, as did the gratification.

My 20s have probably been the best decade of my life so far–the most eventful and insightful, for sure–thanks to all the series of experiences I’ve had. I was a teen when I started my blog and Instagram; there were a lot of stories and aspirations I wanted to share, plus my optimism and openness were at an all-time high. Granted, this has been the decade where I’ve been humbled the most thanks to the reality of many situations. Truth be told, they’ve only made me stronger and wiser in the process.

In utmost transparency, yes, I do miss the years of my early 20s. This was a year of exuberantly free-spirited exploration where my dreams took the lead. I was also the most active on social media with my food science journey! My 21st birthday concluded one of the best years of my life whereas my 23rd (thanks pandemic!) sat me down a little bit. My 24th got me back on my toes again to dance ballet to bliss. Now, I have absolutely no idea where my late 20s–heck, 30s soon!–will guide me.

Some learnings from my early 20s:

  • Hold yourself and others accountable when needed.
  • There is only so much you can do with certain circumstances, so do the most that you have with them.
  • Use boundaries to protect you, not to guard you.
  • Go ahead and change your mind, but give those who may be affected by these some forewarning and grace.
  • Experience anything and everything you can if they align with your passions…within reason. (aka, do not pursue something that will negatively impact your life for the next 5-10 years)
  • Water is the ultimate adult beverage.
  • Treat your body with kindness and respect. That includes having balance and flexibility.
  • Keep the ones who are good for your soul.
  • Your energy is more valuable than anything you have to offer. Use it accordingly.
  • Allow people to show you who they really are.
  • Money is important. Just not important enough to sacrifice your well-being.
  • Never be afraid to leave what doesn’t serve you no matter how in love you are with the potential.
  • Make some decisions that are ultimately, solely, and 100% exclusively just yours.
  • Learn to network and never sell yourself short in the process.
  • Your inner child is always with you. Give them the love they want and deserve.
  • You are lucky whenever you walk with the openness to receive it.

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