Welcome to my blog!

Good evening, everyone!


This is Cassie of @superfitbabe and welcome to my new blog! Here I post more in-depth descriptions of my day that correspond to my pictures, my diet and fitness tips and routines, videos, recipes, and reviews of brands, products and places. I am so excited to get started because I love writing, but I can never fit huge articles on a small Instagram caption or Tweet!

I instantly wanted to create a website as I perused through blogs designed beautifully, from sophisticated and monochrome articles of Steve Maddens and matcha lattes to colorfully polka-dotted pages with recipes of flourless pancakes and low-calorie almond butter (can I just say best find ever?! I give complete creds to Oh She Glows [check out her recipes BTW!!]! I can literally spend hours upon hours exploring a single health blog. But the layouts were only the cherries on top. What inspired me to start writing was how the bloggers expressed themselves so articulately in each article. After all, there is a much less-condensed limit of how much they could write in an article versus a photo caption!

There is just much more I have to say behind my pictures, and with my blog I can express ’till my heart’s content. I hate that I always feel obligated to come up with a saying that’s too concise in my Instagram posts because it’s “catchy”. People I know generally don’t want to read a lot. They just look at the picture and they immediately scroll down in their feed. I don’t know, though. This is only from what I’ve seen.

So be on the lookout for more posts! I might get some in today even (hint: it includes one of my favorite foods! ;D)! I cannot wait to get started and I hope you enjoy what I post here.

Have a lovely night!


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