Pre-Christimas 6:5 Circuit

You know, I’ve noticed that even though I call my blog the “superfitbabe”, I don’t post a lot about fitness and working out. I just don’t find myself very expertise in that area. I still keep the name superfitbabe because I am so much fitter than I was four years ago. I can run a mile in 8-9 minutes in comparison to 14 minutes in middle school. I can do 30+ burpees, 100+ jump rope skips, 1000+ squats, 1000+ crunches without stopping (push-ups and pull-ups are a different story, however!). But overall, I am no personal trainer.

With that being said, I try to workout once a day for at least 45-60 minutes and I spend one day doing a much lighter workout with minimal to no sweating. This is my personal threshold so that I don’t feel groggy, cranky, lethargic, etc. Besides, remember the Legally Blonde quote? “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” Well, it’s absolutely true. You can be eating the cleanest diet or the lowest calorie diet, but your longevity, your immune system, your sleeping patterns, your hormones, your vitality, everything besides your weight will not be at its peak. Sure, exercise only makes up 10-20% of your journey, but research has shown that sitting for prolonged hours displays the same health risks as smoking cigarettes. Scary, right?! So get off of that couch!

You’re probably going to tell me that you don’t have time or you don’t have the energy to do so, and that’s okay. All you need is 30 minutes–2% of your day–to move your body, get that heart rate up and break a sweat. I’ve done this circuit style for months and have never finished one without dropping to the floor. Hopefully it will work for you the same way, because you can rotate with whatever exercises you want. I highly recommend that you try this workout wherever you are. Equipment is only an optional component. If you want to use weights,a treadmill, a jump rope, whatever, go for it! This is your workout.


Below are only a few examples of what I generally do in a day. The possibilities are endless. They may be too intense, they might not be enough. I can only give you ideas because I don’t know your fitness level, but I like to rotate in between with one super high intensity move first and then a lower intensity move the next. The circuit comprises of six moves, and every move is only five minutes long. I do at least two circuits a day, sometimes three if I’m really feeling like it. But if you don’t have the time, I suggest you do only one and work your way upward.

I also called this the Pre-Christmas 6:5 circuit, because of course, we all want to stay in shape during the holidays. We just can’t get enough of the peppermint lattes, the hot chocolate fudge, the candy canes, gingerbread, meatloaf stuffing, the bread pudding, you name it! But don’t be like one of those people who rush to the gym in January to work everything off. You’re probably more conscientious of that and are already exercising a healthy lifestyle. Indulging is definitely not off-limits, but you don’t want to go out of control. But if you really want to get super lean before the big feast just in case, this is the perfect workout for you! Up the intensity to your liking, turn on Spotify and get right into it!


  • 5 min walking lunges
  • 5 min plank jacks
  • 5 min elbow push-ups
  • 5 min stair run
  • 5 min burpees (YES BURPEES!)
  • 5 min tricep dips


  • 5 min jump rope
  • 5 min shadowboxing (with or without a punching bag)
  • 5 min elbow push-ups
  • 5 min jump squats
  • 5 min leg lifts
  • 5 min weighted military presses


  • 5 min V-sit-ups (sometimes weighted)
  • 5 min jump lunges
  • 5 min decline plank
  • 5 min knee push-ups
  • 5 min snap jumps
  • 5 min squat pulses

Of course, you can do whatever exercise you want to do. Sometimes I use weights for all moves, sometimes I use none. It all depends on what I feel like that day. Hopefully these were helpful to you and gave you some ideas on how to complete these circuits!

3 thoughts on “Pre-Christimas 6:5 Circuit

  1. Reading this makes me exhausted 😛 How do you stay motivated to do all of this on your own? Without an instructor yelling at me or friends to keep up with, I never feel inspired enough to go through a full circuit.

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