Instagram Followers Control My Day: Guilty Pleasures and Vegan Taste Tests

Thought I’d dedicate another blog post to a YouTube video because, well, it’s been quite a duration of time since I’ve uploaded on my channel. Let’s just say time to edit my videos has been quite limited. Having said that, if you’re even remotely interested in watching the full video, you can do so below.

ANYWAYS. Back to the video.


The idea of focalizing on guilty pleasures came from a sense of nostalgia for some old favorites of mine that I’d generally keep secret. I mean, who else openly admits that they watch 2-D animated Disney movies while eating Oreos and ice cream? Okay, I’m sure a lot of people do that, but prefer to do so in secret. I can ramble on and on about how massive my sweet tooth is, much I love to make comics, write my own fictional stories, create videos (though I don’t like watching my own videos), and watch cooking videos on YouTube all day long. Then again, I still wouldn’t include those hobbies on my public profile. Given that guilty pleasures are widely shared by every specimen on the planet (heck, I am sure that aliens have guilty pleasures!), I want to account that little enjoyments that we may not necessarily want to publicize are nothing to be ashamed of. They bring us joy and excitement. We have to be comfortable with being authentic with ourselves AND by ourselves. You’ll realize that, with your guilty pleasures, you really aren’t alone, either!


Since I and my Instagram followers had a blast with the last “Instagram Picks My Food for a Day” video, I really wanted to integrate another one with implementing a theme and more daily activities rather than focusing on food. Most people ended up picking the guilty pleasures theme, so hey, it all worked out in the end! My followers also voted on a lower body workout, freezing grapes, and a taste test. Similarly to how I articulated in the first video, allowing others to make some of my decisions enabled me to release a sense of obsessive control over my daily life. Again, I tend to over-analyze everything, wasting mental energy that I really did not need to exert. In this case, I was able to just follow some directions and find the beauty in them! (Though this isn’t to say that you should constantly rely on others to do or don’t do anything)

INSTAGRAM’S FOOD CHOICES (yours and my favorite part, obviously)

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  • Frozen grapes: it’s been a long time since I froze my grapes! They were really enjoyable since they were cold, juicy, and fresh. Red grapes are extremely high in antioxidants and vitamins as well, but I also love green grapes, black grapes, pretty much any type!
  • Red velvet Oreos: in general, I never buy Oreos, mainly because I try not to purchase anything with non-sustainable palm oil (or ideally, any palm oil at all) AND Oreos wouldn’t last in the house for more than a day. But due to the fact that 98% of my Instagram followers desired a taste test, I had to integrate red velvet Oreos because I heard a lot of hype about them. There was some skepticism with whether the cream would actually taste like cream cheese, but I actually love this Oreo flavor! The filling indeed resembles cream cheese from an acidic ingredient in the package and the cookie is nice and crunchy with a moderate to subtle cocoa flavor (more flavorsome than the golden Oreo, but not as chocolatey as the conventional Oreo). Nonetheless, I had trouble maintaining the stash by the next morning. Even though I didn’t include the empty package of Oreos because my phone battery died by the end of the night, I had to purchase them again to share with my sister when I visited home for a weekend (and she adored them too!).
  • Non-Dairy P.B. & Cookies Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream: Even though I had one or two spoonfuls of this flavor in January of this year, I totally forgot how it tasted. In addition, my Instagram buddies decided that I should dig into a pint that was not only from Ben & Jerry’s, BUT one that included cookies! The other option was peanut butter, but fortunately, this one included both! Anyhow, my verdict on the flavor? Holy moly, I need to stay away from this stuff. The texture is creamy, smooth, thick, and luscious while the peanut butter gobs are swirled all around and cookie pieces are scattered everywhere–sometimes I found small crumbs and other times I found entire halves of cookies. Saltiness from the peanut butter and crunchiness from the cookies served as wonderful contrasts from the smooth and sweet ice cream base. As you’d see in the video, this pint did not last to see the light of day, either. I can finish ice cream pints so easily, holy smokes.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend trying out the ice cream and the Oreos, ideally TOGETHER. They are a fabulous pair and are perfect for parties where you want to bring vegan-friendly treats and win over some non-vegan hearts. This is where accidentally vegan food plays such a remarkable role in the movement!

Just be different from me and actually share them. You don’t have to eat the entire container’s worth of their food.

But if you do, I don’t blame you. *winks* #guiltypleasure2035Icleanmyplate

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

What are your guilty pleasures?

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