2019 VegFest L.A. Recap

As you all may know, I am SUCH a fanatic for any event that entails discovering incredible brands, meeting like-minded people, free samples, a grand old time, sunshine, free samples, dressing up nicely, reuniting with old friends, free samples, networking, free samples, free samples, and of course, free samples. VegFest L.A. NEVER fails to come with the clutch in regards with all the criteria!

Just last weekend, my two friends from my school and I attended VegFest L.A. (both of them for the first time) to bask in all the buzz. We had the most stupendous time perusing all the vendors and walking all around the park to hang out with our other friends and our favorite vegan influencers! The food and merchandise though? Some of the best. EVER.

Below are all of the companies that my friends and I sampled at and others that we truly love. Instead of providing a massive list that might serve more as an eye-sore than of a helpful guide, I’ve integrated the company names and links in the individual picture captions. Highly recommend them ALL!

Next up are the actual meals we bought and dug into: buffalo and “honee BBQ” wings from Clean South, veggie tempura sushi from Oono Sushi, a cinnamon sugar and chocolate sprinkle donut from Donut Friend, and a vegan Green Goblin (mint and pandan chocolate chip) ice cream sandwich from Hug Life Ice Cream! All of these foods were absolutely immaculate and the perfect portions!


Of course, I had to reunite with some of my favorite vegan influencers that I first met a few years ago! Breakdown of everyone: Sammy Marie Grimm is a lovely YouTuber and new book author who centers her platform on mental illness and veganism; Brian Turner is known as a vegan bodybuilder with an incredible fitness and acne journey; Cami Petyn (Supreme Banana on YouTube) is a fabulous YouTuber with a passion for veganism, poetry, and realness; Sonia Elsie is a splendid vegan YouTuber who has the most amazing vlogs, mukbangs, and lifestyle videos; Amanda Sevilla is a radiant vegan and plant-based registered clinical dietitian and yoga practitioner with a fantastic Instagram and YouTube channel.

Yes, we reunited.

…and danced once again.

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