Thank you so much for stopping by! I truly appreciate it.

I’m the type of food scientist who will sit in the V.I.P. row of any fashion show and say, “Did you know that model’s top is made with the same material that we use to manufacture our bags for chips?”

I’m the type of Pilates princess who likes dark chocolate with oats and peanut butter for lunch. What? I don’t perform amplifications for nothing!

I’m the type of L.A. native who would rather see an overcast day than a sunny one and has to book calendar dates for even the most menial of activities, such as face masks and Netflix shows.

I’m the type of wellness girlie who agrees that a peach doesn’t taste as yummy as a slice of cake. But like most of them, I love a green juice (with extra ginger, TYVM).

And finally, I’m the type of blogger with a distinctive voice and tone–one you can listen to, learn from, and (hopefully) laugh with.

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