Arctic Zero: Cake Batter Review

If you read my Galentine’s Day post, you’ll know that I visited Sprouts on the Friday I had off and bought a new Arctic Zero pint…ON SALE. I literally had NO idea that they came out with these flavors, so I was seriously shocked! It took a while to settle on what I wanted, but I ended up going with cake batter because it sounded absolutely delicious!

Let me tell you that Arctic Zero did it again! After microwaving the pint for 30 seconds, I took a heaping scoop, added some Love Grown Sea Stars and Envirokidz Leapin’ Lemurs puffs, and took a well-deserved bite! The ice cream is very sweet, creamy and super melt-in-your-mouth refreshing. It was the best way for me to end each night on a sweeter note. I was so sad when it was finished!

IMG_4019 (2)


  1. Tastes just like cake batter!
  2. The macros are very impressive for one serving of ice cream 🙂
  3. Also very versatile, as shown with my cereal


  1. REMEMBER to LET IT THAW or MICROWAVE it before digging in, otherwise you’re bound to be eating ice. I think that if you blend it with a frozen banana or with something a bit creamier, then it’ll probably improve the texture if you don’t like it.
  2. Arctic Zero, in general, is not for everyone. Take this review with a grain of salt because I do know some friends who tried it and don’t like it.
  3. Each pint is a little more thean $4, so not very cheap to begin with.


I really recommend this pint for those of you who are dieting down and still want some delicious ice cream to try. But again, there are plenty of other reviewers who threw a LOT of shade at Arctic Zero, so do take everything with caution. Hope you enjoyed this short review and let me know if you’ve ever tried Arctic Zero and if you recommend any other flavors or products that I should look for!


Have you ever tried Arctic Zero? Yay or nay?

4 thoughts on “Arctic Zero: Cake Batter Review

  1. OH MAN PEOPLE always tell me that WINK FROZEN DESSERTS tastes weird- and it’s really a TEXTURE THING – so the tip of microwaving it first for a little bit = IMPERTENANT!! That being said, I have the cookie dough of this in my fridge for my fiance and he isn’t too much of a fan, LOL! But that’s coming from the dude who ADORES thick and creamy 400 calorie per 1/4 cup ice cream! LOL!

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    1. Never tried WINK and I’m not going to lie–I’m pretty scared! LOL! As for your cookie dough pint, you know that you have a hungry sassy little Asian lady a little less than an hour away that could do the job for you 😉

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  2. 35 calories per half cup!? That’s crazy!!! It sounds even better than banana nice cream. Now, if only they could make a vegan version so I could try it… 🙂
    Also, I really like that you topped your ice cream with cereal- I need to try that!!

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