Basic Crispy Frittata

Everybody should learn how to make eggs once they start cooking for themselves. Wheaties with milk and orange juice with a side of toast just don’t cut it for variety. You can do anything with eggs. Scrambles aren’t exactly my cups of tea so I always had omelets. Little did I know that you could … More Basic Crispy Frittata

Drinkable Peanut Butter?! + Genius Combinations

NO. WAY. I literally discovered this seconds ago and started fangirling spastically while reading SELF magazine. Peanut butter hot chocolate….without the chocolate? How is this possible? Well, apparently some crazy geniuses did. Peanut Hottie manufactures powdered peanut butter a lot like PB2 where you’re supposed to add boiling water and stir in the powder (however, this Huffington post … More Drinkable Peanut Butter?! + Genius Combinations