Redefining Healthy

I find it kind of funny that I’m calling myself out on something that I used to believe I knew the ins-and-outs of. Currently, I retain much more knowledge than the average person–who is mildly calorie conscious and knows fruits and vegetables are important–but there is still so much unknown on my end. Heck, I … More Redefining Healthy

Eggplant Lettuce Wraps

Christmas may have just ended, but I’m still buzzing with holiday spirit! There’s nothing wrong with basking more in the cozy winter weather, indulging in the best festive flavors and rewatching our favorite Christmas shows. But with the end of the holiday weekend also comes the food baby bulge. And the annoying people who go … More Eggplant Lettuce Wraps

Instant Brownie in a Bowl (vegan + gluten free)

This recipe is PROOF that the universe works in mysterious ways. I woke up on Sunday morning, worked out, took a shower and went to make some sweet potato kabocha chocolate pudding. Following the recipe as usual, something very interesting happened in my blender. The mixture formed into this giant clump of dough that looks like what you … More Instant Brownie in a Bowl (vegan + gluten free)

Tuesday Thoughts: Why I Love to Work Out + How You Can Too

Exercise seems to have this horrible stigma. People just see exercising as more of an obligation rather than part of their ideal lifestyle, which is totally understandable. I used to feel the same way, but with time and practice, I found that I truly love working out every single day. Here’s why and here’s how. … More Tuesday Thoughts: Why I Love to Work Out + How You Can Too