Latest Foodie Obsessions 2 (with an Earth Angel Pantry Review)

I could not resist holding back my current foodie favorites from the blog! My highs have changed and there are so many new awesome things that I’ve been a fanatic about nowadays. Some of these things might actually bring some new kind of content on my social media and blogging platforms, so read on if you … More Latest Foodie Obsessions 2 (with an Earth Angel Pantry Review)

Crustless Apple Pie

This is kind of a throwback recipe. Last year I came home from school and used the oven every single day. Not every attempt was successful, but most of the time I enjoyed my concoctions. In this case I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the apples browned and crisped up in the oven! And for raw … More Crustless Apple Pie

The Green Elixir

While my sore throat went away in two days I was left with a stuffy nose and a bad cough, which isn’t any better. Considering that I lost my voracious appetite for food, I ate much simpler meals like raw crudité, steamed peas, and of course my favorite smoothies! This is my go-to smoothie recipe for sick … More The Green Elixir