Types of Cheat Meals + How to Take Advantage of Them

As of lately, food porn has been quite the hype. Specifically, indulgent food porn. Whether it be Pinterest boards of peanut butter Oreo brownies, Instagram feeds of donut or pizza-themed cheat days, and Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos of insanely cool desserts that no one would actually make (think unicorn cream puffs or a blue velvet cake made in … More Types of Cheat Meals + How to Take Advantage of Them

Tuesday Thoughts: Ex-Vegans + Reverting to Original Ways

Wow, it’s been QUITE a while since I’ve posted a Tuesday Thoughts-themed article! When I first started this little series, I really dove headfirst into everything that swam in my mind and didn’t really hesitate on my candor. Of course, I always try to be as respectful as I possibly can, and I think I … More Tuesday Thoughts: Ex-Vegans + Reverting to Original Ways

Restaurant Review: SunCafe Organic

Loyal long-time followers will know that Cafe Gratitude is my number one favorite restaurant of all time. It just has everything you would ever want: raw foods, salads, breakfast foods, pastries, smoothies, juices, desserts, pizza, Mexican-inspired food, pasta, Asian-based meals, sandwiches, sharing plates, burgers, soup, and adult beverages, all from healthy plant-based ingredients! What more … More Restaurant Review: SunCafe Organic

Can You Relate…

First time trying these kinds of fill-in-the-blanks posts! I’ve always loved reading these types of articles and have so much fun answering them in my head! Can you relate to the joy of quarter-empty peanut butter jars? Can you relate to my obsession with Indian food? Can you relate to my adoration for quotes on … More Can You Relate…

Latest Foodie Obsessions 2 (with an Earth Angel Pantry Review)

I could not resist holding back my current foodie favorites from the blog! My highs have changed and there are so many new awesome things that I’ve been a fanatic about nowadays. Some of these things might actually bring some new kind of content on my social media and blogging platforms, so read on if you … More Latest Foodie Obsessions 2 (with an Earth Angel Pantry Review)

Drinkable Peanut Butter?! + Genius Combinations

NO. WAY. I literally discovered this seconds ago and started fangirling spastically while reading SELF magazine. Peanut butter hot chocolate….without the chocolate? How is this possible? Well, apparently some crazy geniuses did. Peanut Hottie manufactures powdered peanut butter a lot like PB2 where you’re supposed to add boiling water and stir in the powder (however, this Huffington post … More Drinkable Peanut Butter?! + Genius Combinations