Best Fitness YouTubers With More Than 500K Subscribers

Hello YouTube post! It’s been a little more than a month since I last posted about my favorite fitness YouTubers. That list encompassed all of my favorite fitness YouTubers that have smaller channels (less than 100K subscribers) but still post high-quality videos that I personally believe offer plenty of value to the Internet world. With … More Best Fitness YouTubers With More Than 500K Subscribers

Cocoa Coffee Smoothie

Don’t tell my parents, but I had coffee! I snuck it with chocolate protein powder for a good post-workout breakfast. Chocolate + coffee = Brangelina. I actually made this recipe last year but totally forgot about it until I scrolled down my Instagram feed and saw a giant, beautiful bowl with strawberries, chia seeds and peanut … More Cocoa Coffee Smoothie

Creative Blogger Award!

Little did I know that I’d be awarded for a second time! Thank you, Naomi of Choose Happy blog (check out her Creative Blogger post, BTW!) for the nomination–I’m honored! For this award, you’re supposed to list five fun facts about yourself and then nominate the bloggers whose creativity you appreciate and let them know about … More Creative Blogger Award!