February Favorites

Greetings loved ones! Winter is officially over (Lol not really since it’s still super cold if not colder :/) !! The end of the month means another favorites video up online! This month has been awesome since I’ve discovered cool items that are so amazing and that I think you’ll enjoy a lot. No clothing items … More February Favorites

December Favorites

Big time apology for the late upload! I hope that you do get the chance to enjoy all of the favorites in January though. A lot of these were gifts and I’m incredibly thankful to have received them. I seriously haven’t expected to receive this many presents and I’m so blessed. In fact, not all … More December Favorites

Birthday Adventure + First Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen

If you were to look on my Instagram page you’ll see tons of pictures of me but mostly my food at restaurants. I eat out a lot, but oddly enough it’s hard! Sometimes if not often I argue with my parents about trying plant-based restaurants such as The Rabbit Hole Cafe,  Native Foods or Sage Vegan … More Birthday Adventure + First Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen