Latest Foodie Obsessions 2 (with an Earth Angel Pantry Review)

I could not resist holding back my current foodie favorites from the blog! My highs have changed and there are so many new awesome things that I’ve been a fanatic about nowadays. Some of these things might actually bring some new kind of content on my social media and blogging platforms, so read on if you … More Latest Foodie Obsessions 2 (with an Earth Angel Pantry Review)

Paleo Eggo Waffles

Ah, fifth grade: toaster waffles every morning. Homestyle, buttermilk or chocolate chip if I was ever feeling luxurious. Always drenched in maple syrup; oh yeah, and fruit to make it “healthy”. Let’s take a moment of silence to watch this commercial. Remind you of childhood, too? It’s weird how our greatest nightmares seem so innocent at … More Paleo Eggo Waffles

Bacon-Marinated Chicken

Today is Thanksgiving. So we thought, “Screw the turkey. Let’s eat chicken. But because we have a dog the most logical thing to do is to wrap the bird in bacon. Yeah.” Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon the moistest, most tender, juiciest chicken in the world. The meat literally falls off the bone. It’s dark meat-lover and white … More Bacon-Marinated Chicken

Day 6 of the “No Label” Challenge + Knowing Overeating

I couldn’t really help myself but last night I tried my absolute best to not get any nightmares about the giant pig with the ax overpowering me in the haunted kitchen! I don’t eat a lot of red meat but this experience makes me not want to touch pork or ham ever again! Don’t even … More Day 6 of the “No Label” Challenge + Knowing Overeating

One-Ingredient Cookie Dough!!!

Can you recall those inventors who gained reverence because of an accident? Let me give you some examples of inventions that were supposedly failures: Aspirin. The slinky. Potato chips. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. And something everyone uses–the Sticky note! I basically became one of those inventors. Behold, my friends, the single-ingredient cookie dough!!!! (cues the victory trumpets) Yes, ma … More One-Ingredient Cookie Dough!!!