Basic Crispy Frittata

Everybody should learn how to make eggs once they start cooking for themselves. Wheaties with milk and orange juice with a side of toast just don’t cut it for variety. You can do anything with eggs. Scrambles aren’t exactly my cups of tea so I always had omelets. Little did I know that you could … More Basic Crispy Frittata

Liebster Award!

I cannot be more honored to announce that I have been nominated for the Liebster Awards! Special thank you from the bottom of my heart to Rachel of Moments with Rae for nominating me and introducing a wonderful community of bloggers just like me! Below I’ve completed the questions and nominated some awesome people that can help spread … More Liebster Award!


How the Grinch Stole Christmas manages to be one of the most magical and well-loved childhood stories, though it’s nearly sixty years old! There’s at least one aspect of our rotten little cactus that we can all relate to, whether meaningful or as simplistic as his love for onions. For the Grinch and these pancakes, they’re just plain crazy! … More Grinchcakes

Almond Pancake Cookies

What’s the best accompaniment with a giant textbook for cramming homework at the last-minute? Pancakes. Or mainly, these almond cookies that look like pancakes. When I was fifteen, my mother used to make the best homemade almond coconut pancakes in the world. They were healthy, fluffy, perfect for a Sunday brunch. My mother and I recreated them … More Almond Pancake Cookies

Crustless Apple Pie

This is kind of a throwback recipe. Last year I came home from school and used the oven every single day. Not every attempt was successful, but most of the time I enjoyed my concoctions. In this case I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the apples browned and crisped up in the oven! And for raw … More Crustless Apple Pie

Blue Chocolate

Recall the time when you wanted a smoothie and just eye-balled everything by throwing whatever was in the fridge and blending it all up. Result? A smoothie with a disgustingly brown, slightly purplish-reddish color. Well, that’s basically this smoothie pudding treat except I guarantee that its taste is not nearly as gross as it looks! This recipe is … More Blue Chocolate

The Green Elixir

While my sore throat went away in two days I was left with a stuffy nose and a bad cough, which isn’t any better. Considering that I lost my voracious appetite for food, I ate much simpler meals like raw crudité, steamed peas, and of course my favorite smoothies! This is my go-to smoothie recipe for sick … More The Green Elixir