February Favorites

Greetings loved ones! Winter is officially over (Lol not really since it’s still super cold if not colder :/) !! The end of the month means another favorites video up online! This month has been awesome since I’ve discovered cool items that are so amazing and that I think you’ll enjoy a lot. No clothing items … More February Favorites

January Favorites

It is up! I’m super excited that I got a more high quality camera so now I won’t have to film on my iPhone! This month wasn’t as cray-cray with the products but I still enjoyed them a lot. I’m hoping to show some more apps, e-books, movies or even places if you live in L.A.! If you … More January Favorites

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Green Tea Pancakes

Sleep is a time machine to breakfast where you dream of all the delectable recipes you’re going to make. Because of the holidays I’ve been loving anything mint flavored. Since my Whole Foods grocery trip I’ve been obsessed with using coconut flour and my peppermint extract! RECIPE 2 TBSP coconut flour 1 scoop protein powder or … More Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Green Tea Pancakes

December Favorites

Big time apology for the late upload! I hope that you do get the chance to enjoy all of the favorites in January though. A lot of these were gifts and I’m incredibly thankful to have received them. I seriously haven’t expected to receive this many presents and I’m so blessed. In fact, not all … More December Favorites