Can You Relate…

First time trying these kinds of fill-in-the-blanks posts! I’ve always loved reading these types of articles and have so much fun answering them in my head! Can you relate to the joy of quarter-empty peanut butter jars? Can you relate to my obsession with Indian food? Can you relate to my adoration for quotes on … More Can You Relate…

Fed Up Review

A year ago, my family and I were once walking in the city of Hollywood where suddenly three women excitedly approached my parents and asked if we wanted to be in a Coco Cola commercial. Figuratively, my sisters and I were thrilled–how couldn’t we be?! We had a chance to be seen on television by millions!–but my … More Fed Up Review

I’m Leaving.

One of my more difficult posts: an update to my Forks Over Knives review. Did you think superfitbabe would be no more? Absolutely not! I couldn’t give up my blog for anything. It’s not about the popularity or recognition, but it’s about expressing my passion for health, fitness and wellness. Anyways, this is a different … More I’m Leaving.

Food Inc. Review

My first movie review! Believe it or not when I was young I always thought I’d become a film producer because I’d direct and edit videos in my free time! While my major has shifted more towards the health industry I still enjoy going to the movies and editing my own clips. Why else would I … More Food Inc. Review