Birthday Adventure + First Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen

If you were to look on my Instagram page you’ll see tons of pictures of me but mostly my food at restaurants. I eat out a lot, but oddly enough it’s hard! Sometimes if not often I argue with my parents about trying plant-based restaurants such as The Rabbit Hole Cafe,  Native Foods or Sage Vegan … More Birthday Adventure + First Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen

Raw Vegan in the Winter?

Winter break is coming up in December (and so is my birthday tomorrow!) and guess where I’m headed to vacation! No, not Paris, not New York, not Antarctica but… (drumroll…………and cymbal crash!) HAWAII!!!!!!!! That’s right, baby. While everyone’s worrying about gaining weight from stuffing their faces with turkey and being lazy for two weeks because it’s so cold outside, … More Raw Vegan in the Winter?

Almond Pancake Cookies

What’s the best accompaniment with a giant textbook for cramming homework at the last-minute? Pancakes. Or mainly, these almond cookies that look like pancakes. When I was fifteen, my mother used to make the best homemade almond coconut pancakes in the world. They were healthy, fluffy, perfect for a Sunday brunch. My mother and I recreated them … More Almond Pancake Cookies