One-Ingredient Cookie Dough!!!

Can you recall those inventors who gained reverence because of an accident? Let me give you some examples of inventions that were supposedly failures: Aspirin. The slinky. Potato chips. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. And something everyone uses–the Sticky note! I basically became one of those inventors. Behold, my friends, the single-ingredient cookie dough!!!! (cues the victory trumpets) Yes, ma … More One-Ingredient Cookie Dough!!!

Full Rules and Day 1 of the “No Label” Challenge!

Good day, errbody! As I have said in my last post, I took on the challenge to eliminate all labeled or pre-packed foods for a week! Yesterday was as if I were preparing for Ramadan–I rid all of my favorite packaged treats–Trader Joe’s Chocolate Acai Powerberries, thinkthins and Enlightened Ice Cream coffee bars (but I’m sure my sister … More Full Rules and Day 1 of the “No Label” Challenge!