Types of Cheat Meals + How to Take Advantage of Them

As of lately, food porn has been quite the hype. Specifically, indulgent food porn. Whether it be Pinterest boards of peanut butter Oreo brownies, Instagram feeds of donut or pizza-themed cheat days, and Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos of insanely cool desserts that no one would actually make (think unicorn cream puffs or a blue velvet cake made in … More Types of Cheat Meals + How to Take Advantage of Them

Can You Relate…

First time trying these kinds of fill-in-the-blanks posts! I’ve always loved reading these types of articles and have so much fun answering them in my head! Can you relate to the joy of quarter-empty peanut butter jars? Can you relate to my obsession with Indian food? Can you relate to my adoration for quotes on … More Can You Relate…

Hungry on a Vegan Diet?

Based on a definition in Merriam-Webster, the adjective hungry describes “feeling an uneasy or painful sensation from lack of food: feeling hunger; characterized by or characteristic of hunger or appetite”. The second definition suggests that the word also means “strongly motivated (as by ambition)” or “not rich or fertile”. With this in mind, why do … More Hungry on a Vegan Diet?

No Longer Lean

The sensation of fat days is all too clear. Wake up. Feel a little fluffy. Look in the mirror and feel even worse about your body than ever. Embarrassed, you throw on the largest sweater and baggiest pair of sweatpants you can find and curl up in a ball, away from vision. Devastatingly enough, most … More No Longer Lean