“I Swear There’s Chocolate!” Smoothie

How’s everybody doing? Fall is finally here!   I have a love-hate relationship with autumn, actually. I love the smell of spices, warming oatmeal, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving feast, Uggs, Halloween movies and cuddling up in bed with green tea on cold mornings. What I don’t like are the harsh winds and fickleness of pumpkin. Where did … More “I Swear There’s Chocolate!” Smoothie

New YouTube Video: Papaya Boats

A pretty self-explanatory recipe that’s everywhere on Instagram! I want to be ambitious and try fruit boats with pineapples and watermelon 😛 for the full breakdown of each combo, just scroll down below as you enjoy the gorgeous gallery of photos I took with my sister! RECIPE 1 papaya Any fruits/yogurt/superfood in your kitchen! PROCEDURE (vegetarian version) … More New YouTube Video: Papaya Boats

Cocoa Coffee Smoothie

Don’t tell my parents, but I had coffee! I snuck it with chocolate protein powder for a good post-workout breakfast. Chocolate + coffee = Brangelina. I actually made this recipe last year but totally forgot about it until I scrolled down my Instagram feed and saw a giant, beautiful bowl with strawberries, chia seeds and peanut … More Cocoa Coffee Smoothie

Chocolate Tofu Silk

So I know I said all of my recipes are soy free, but can we please just talk about tofu? It’s high in calcium, iron and protein, low in calories and is void of cholesterol and gluten! I couldn’t live without it at all! I get a bit bored with Chinese stir-fries and tofu eggplant parmesan. So … More Chocolate Tofu Silk

Blue Chocolate

Recall the time when you wanted a smoothie and just eye-balled everything by throwing whatever was in the fridge and blending it all up. Result? A smoothie with a disgustingly brown, slightly purplish-reddish color. Well, that’s basically this smoothie pudding treat except I guarantee that its taste is not nearly as gross as it looks! This recipe is … More Blue Chocolate