Who am I?


Why hello!

I’m Cassie of @superfitbabe and welcome to my blog! Here I present my lifestyle, philosophies about health and fitness, reviews of certain brands, products and places, as well as documentations of my adventures. Nutrition and fitness in a very sacred place in my heart, and this platform serves as my safe haven for enjoying both of them freely!

I wasn’t always so revved up about being active. In sixth grade, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, which accounted for my migraines, deja vu and dizziness when it was boiling hot outside, if I didn’t drink enough water, and especially if I played sports. I had seizure episodes at the swimming pool twice, vomited after horseback riding and had to lie down every time after running. I’d spend nights at the hospital, sick and miserable. Scared for my life, my parents and my doctors strongly discouraged me from playing sports. Isolating myself from athletics led me to adapt a sedentary lifestyle with little exposure to social life.

Let’s just say everything slowly started to fall downhill from there. Every day I was a ghost, ostracized for my appearance and differences; none of the other girls and boys conversed with me as a friend. Meanwhile at night when I’d come home from school, all my loved ones only felt sorry for me which led me to feeling sorry for myself. I found myself drowning my self-pity through food. Shopping for clothes, a hobby many girls at my age loved, only made me even more different. 99% of my wardrobe was black since it was the only flattering color on me, all size large or extra large.


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It wasn’t until I thought to myself, I am done. Completely done with this sh*t. I don’t see a point to life anymore–nobody cares about me, and if they do I’m an embarrassment. I needed a way out of my mental black hole.

Then there came the importance of eating cleaner and exercising. I don’t know what I would do or where I’d be if my dad never helped me kick my journey into gear. Every workout and clean meal was another step to my personal gain. Before I knew it, I ran to the gym every Sunday morning at 7:30 A.M. and ate food that came just from Mother Nature. Over the past years, however, I’ve been learning to develop a stronger sense of balance in my lifestyle. I never fail to incorporate as many sweet potatoes and greens into my diet as possible, but I know I can happily enjoy plenty of dark chocolate and a couple of vegan cookies and sorbet here and there.

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I’m not going to lie, though, losing weight was not easy. I hit a plateau. I lost motivation and sight of what I really wanted. Oh yeah, and I was judged the whole way through. I thought I’d gain friends, but people looked at me weirdly because healthy to them was different. To this day I still get weird glances when people see me excited about kale salads. But it was worth every single moment of the ride. I was one step closer to confidence. Each squat and healthy swap counted. Sooner I knew my family and friends were inspired to do the same! I gleam with joy whenever they send me their healthy creations, ask to workout with me and tell me about their progress and enjoyment of simply being more mindful.

Now, I want to emphasize that being healthy is not abnormal. It is therapeutic and saves lives–it definitely saved mine. I realized that there’s a whole new world out there who loves the same way of living as I do. Being a representative of what it means to be healthy and fit is a dream come true.

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I hope that you enjoy what I post in my blog and I send you all my best wishes! If you want to check me out on other social media sites you can do so down below:

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21 thoughts on “Who am I?

      1. Hello, Please read up on Ayurveda and how to manage your healthy ayurvedically(Indian medical system), Your health issues stem from a vata/pitta imbalance. You have to balance it using proper lifestyle aligning with seasons and not overexercising

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hello Kala!
        Yes, I love Ayurveda and have used many of its practices to heal myself and lose weight. I’m not perfect by any means, but I currently try my best to live according to the seasons and how my body feels. As of now, I haven’t felt any better! ❤


  1. Hello Cassie, I am so impressed and inspired by this impactful blog. So much wisdom, integrity, and commitment expressed by someone your age. I am older than you (as in…you could be my daughter) and just recently have begun to give serious thought to the life path that you have chosen for yourself. When I get up the courage, I will watch the documentary. I wish you the best of luck in your studies…your success will bring many blessings to this world.

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    1. Thank you so much for this heartfelt and caring comment! Hearing that you’ve been impacted and inspired by my journey means more to me than you could ever imagine. I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors. You are set for amazing things! ❤


  2. Hey Cassie,

    I have been in your shoes on several occasions, and it’s a heartbreaking feeling to realize that your vision of “healthy” is actually detrimental to your body. Staying active but exercising less intensely is a wise decision. Luckily you know how to create yummy nutritious recipes, so have fun indulging in extra avocados, dark chocolate, and lots of other delicious foods. Be kind to yourself and remember that healing and changing your mindset is a constant process. A roller coaster, for sure, but well worth it. Much love and happiness to you in 2017!

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