The Best Healthy Desserts in Los Angeles (Part 1)

This is a love song to all my dessert fanatics! Respectfully, I must cordially request anybody who doesn’t have a raging sweet tooth to leave.

TOTALLY kidding. However, perhaps we can convert you otherwise.

Let’s be honest, here: healthy desserts in Los Angeles are plentiful to go ’round. Perhaps not in the most budget-friendly forms…not to mention, quite a big deal will still have a generous (or exorbitant) amount of fat and sugar. Some of them are much more worth the indulgence than others. Hence, I’ve done all the hard work for you and picked out some of the most top-tier places in Los Angeles with healthy desserts!

You can find all kinds of keto-friendly, sugar free, even naturally sweetened treats at these places! At the very least, the vast majority on this list are made with minimal processing as well as minimally processed ingredients such as whole grains and nuts and seeds as opposed to white flours and cane sugar. Of course, you can try to make healthy desserts at home, but truth is, sometimes that’s too much work or we’re in a pinch with needing to satisfy the craving RIGHT NOW. I will most certainly make a part 2** for this installment because I can go on and on, but here are some of my current favorites and past beloveds that I still appreciate today!

SunCafe Organic’s raw, gluten free, and dairy free cheesecake slices

Cheesecake truly is a way to spoil myself. I normally am not a huge fiend for it…unless there’s no trace of cheese flavor. Hence, SunCafe Organic’s almond butter-flavored slice (with a GINORMOUS chocolate base) couldn’t be more perfect. It’s decadent, gooey, creamy…in full transparency, it’s best to share with another person. Still, I love it, especially chilled like a frozen treat too!

Rawberri’s vegan and gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie

Self-love aside, I do use Rawberri’s chocolate chip peanut butter cookie as a tool for it. The cookie is thick, a little crumbly, sweet, and it melts in your mouth from the peanut butter! Every chocolate chip is nicely layered on the surface for an extra richness. However, you could easily finish this in one sitting without feeling too heavy. It doesn’t get better than that!

Cafe Gratitude’s organic vegan and gluten free strawberry shortcake

Wow, I have never come across a lighter and tastier strawberry shortcake in my life! The cake layers are quite thin like pancakes as opposed to hearty biscuits (which I prefer) whereas the cashew cream is light, airy, and just sweet enough. Of course, the tangy and juicy strawberries marry everything together superbly! It is more expensive, but so worth it.

Pressed Juicery’s soft serve

Need I say more? No, REALLY. Pressed Juicery is now so well-known for their freeze that uses a machine that helps ice-up juices and mylks they store in their fridges. They also now have seasonal flavors and smoothie bowls you can try!

Wild Living Foods’ raw fruit crepes and ice cream

Honestly, what an underrated gem! Wild Living Foods in Downtown Los Angeles has a pretty extensive menu with both raw vegan dishes and cooked vegan items. However, I highly, HIGHLY recommend their wide array of dairy free ice creams and their raw fruit crepes that you can enjoy for breakfast/brunch (but it tastes like any divine creamy fruit salad dessert).

The Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt’s frozen yogurt

  • Most popular: their vanilla custard yogurt, their cookies n’ creme yogurt, their fat free Ghiradelli yogurt, their cookie dough options, their carbolite rotations, and their dairy free rotations

Your girl went through a serious (and I mean SERIOUS) phase of this frozen yogurt–and because this spot has been around since 1986, for good reason. Almost every dairy free flavor of theirs you can name, I’ve probably tried it at least once! However, what really makes their sugar free frozen yogurt shine has to be their cookie dough, which is not sugar free or diabetic friendly, but it’s worth it! They have so many marvelous flavors from birthday cake, Oreo, sugar cookie, chocolate chip, brownie, the list goes on!! (I would not try baking with it though)

Frozen Fruit Co’s naturally sweetened ice cream scoops

  • Most popular: their chocolate sea salt flavor, vanilla flavor, and weekend specials

No words can begin to describe how much I love Frozen Fruit Co.! Their ice cream flavors are individual works of art that the team puts their heart and soul into with the creativity and originality of each batch. I love their weekly rotation of specials, their pints, as well as their ice cream sandwiches. Minus their sorbets, all their flavors are coconut-based and sweetened with dates!

Sweet Laurel Bakery’s pastries and baked goods

  • Most popular: their keto collagen brownie, vegan carrot cake, mini coffee cake loaves, and vanilla coconut jam cake

In spite of me knowing about Sweet Laurel for quite sometime, it took me a while to get around to trying their baked goods! While I’m not Paleo or keto myself, I always appreciate desserts that are lower in sugar (you know, so I can enjoy more of it!). Their shop is so gorgeous, floral, girly, just positively magnificent. My favorites have been their vegan and sugar free cakes! I like visiting for my birthday as pictured above–such a fun tradition!

Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen’s protein bars

  • Most popular: their vegan peanut butter and jelly protein bar, their vegan protein bar, their vegan coconut cheesecake, and their vegan keto brownie

I mean…I wrote two different blog posts professing my unrequited love for these protein bars, so…

Erewhon’s sugar free goodies

Known for their majestic array of hot bar food and monthly celebrity-studded smoothies, Erewhon also has some incredible healthy desserts that are ready to eat right away! They make raw and sugar free cheesecake slices in-house, as well as some sugar free pastries such as their baked goods. You have to visit yourself for the small businesses they highlight in-stores that use organic ingredients and minimal processing.

**Finally, here are two dessert places that I personally have never tried but have heard nothing but praise for them. I suppose I’ll have to review them officially in my second post for this series!

Sonkissed Donuts’ sugar free, gluten free, and plant-based donuts

  • Most popular: seasonal flavors

A couple of my vegan girlies post about these donuts ALL THE TIME. It’s so sad that I keep missing them! Their sugar free donuts look fantastic and the fact that they’re healthy are even better!

MeloMelo’s coconut jelly

  • Most popular: seasonal flavors

Asian women-owned and available in multiple locations, this coconut jelly dessert business looks freaking adorable! They use high-quality and natural ingredients and sustainable packaging to sell their parfaits. Each jar is packed with fresh fruits, coconut jelly, and sometimes Greek yogurt, fresh coconut water, or even red beans, lotus seeds, ube, and sweet potato!

Sugar Free Shack’s pastries and baked goods

  • Most popular: their low carb donuts, their sugar free cupcakes, their sugar free cookies, and their custom cakes

For those of you who are open to trying non-vegan desserts that are also lower in sugar and net carbs, try out Sugar Free Shack! I had a coworker raving about this place a couple years ago but never got around to looking at their menu. Firstly, everything this bakery showcases is absolutely stunning. It is always phenomenal to see bakeries branch out to fit people’s medical needs!


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