That One Time I Exercised in a Panda Suit

Decided to keep this one short and sweet: throwback to April 2019 when some friends from TVSA dared me to wear my panda suit to the gym for a day!

See the reel below:

To answer some common questions (aka a little FAQ):

  1. What kind of workout was it that day?
    • Upper body, specifically back and biceps! Yes, I trained the good ol’ bodybuilding split back then.
  2. Did the panda suit adversely affect your form?
    • Surprisingly no! However, running in this suit would not be ideal due to the loose nature of the fit.
  3. Wasn’t it really hot?
    • Very.
  4. Were people looking at you funnily?
    • Not in the moment; however, a picture of me on the treadmill ended up on a private Facebook group for my university! It was a hilarious experience!
  5. How was the smell of the costume post-workout?
    • You do NOT want to know.

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