Social Media Niche Woes (a little rant about TikTok)

Niches, fields, and focuses: everyone can agree that these are essential for growing a solid foundation on social media to help evolve your following and create a well-known platform that is conducive to publicity, education, entertainment, inspiration, and for many, profit.

The vast majority of content creators have one set of niches (or even just a single niche) associated with a username they can use on all platforms. If they want to dive into a different niche, usually they create a separate handle on the same social media sites to promote along with their main channels. For instance: on my blog and my Instagram, my niches encompass vegan food, Los Angeles destinations, and wellness habits.

However, TikTok played with me a little differently! My platform started off in the same route as that of my Instagram and blog, but the algorithm wouldn’t promote my videos nearly as much. Yes, I know, it takes work. However, I spontaneously uploaded a video of myself playing with a BTS video story, and it blew up unimaginably. Tested it out a little more with other K-Pop videos and some K-Drama TikToks–same thing!

Question is: how did it end up here and why? I’m not entirely sure; yes, I’ve mentioned veganism and diet every now and then in my past videos, but they don’t perform nearly as well as my K-Pop or K-Drama edits or sketches. Maybe it’s how my personality shined through when I talk about one of the two subjects. Perhaps the camera quality and editing are too elementary for what we have on TikTok already. Regardless, I’m not entirely mad that we got here, but it is strange to experience a dual life on two social media platforms. While I occasionally share something about K-Pop or K-Dramas on my stories or in a carousel, it’s not a pillar I can use to connect on Instagram. I also cannot discuss my wellness life on TikTok since nobody cares (trust me: they usually want another Woo DoHwan fanedit or some kind of video on SEVENTEEN or Monsta X!). Truthfully, everything sort of just…happened.

I’ve grown an ostensibly larger following on TikTok–perhaps because it’s TikTok and Instagram is Instagram–but still, I don’t like talking about my TikTok niche as much because it’s not as well-known. People kind of look at me funnily when I laugh about my fanedits (because I can), but they always compliment my Instagram photos. At this point, it’s no big deal, but I somehow have to blend K-Pop or K-Dramas into a TikTok video if I end up with a wellness or food sponsorship deal on TikTok. Instagram is a little more straightforward, even though my following is half of what it is on TikTok. We’ll see how it goes moving forward, but for now, it is what it is. I’ve improved my editing skills vastly thanks to making fanedits, plus I’ve learned to dress up a lot more comely and neatly for the camera!

All in all, we’ve come a long way for both; a win is a win, however, whatever, it may be.


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