Copycat Recipe: Body Energy Club chocolate peanut butter smoothie

If you all have already known, I’m OBSESSED with Body Energy Club‘s skinny peanut butter dream smoothie. It was a weekly must–now a monthly to bi-monthly essential, but it’s never let me down!

Trust me, I’ve tried the other smoothies on their menu. It simply doesn’t compare!

Now, I had, HAD to recreate this at home since I’m not always able to come through in West Hollywood. Fortunately, thanks to Lakanto’s peanut butter powder, it’s never been easier! Recently, I’ve used primarily Sprouts’ vegan chocolate protein powder (has a pea and rice blend), but I also love most vegan chocolate proteins that yield a smooth and sweet outcome (i.e. Orgain and Vegan Smart).

See my Instagram reel for the full recipe! Still, I highly recommend you visit Body Energy Club–it’s such a cute and adorable smoothie and protein shake shop where you can purchase other ready-to-eat healthy meals and snacks, as well as find numerous supplements and beverages.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links in which I earn a small commission when you click on them at no additional cost from you; all opinions and observations of these products are my own.


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