The Blackout

And no, this isn’t about the numerous electrical blackouts we’ve experienced just this year. (All quite unpleasant experiences, to say the least…)

If you all scroll a few times down my feed, you’ll notice a common theme with my wardrobe choices. Yes, I’ve always been a gal to wear black with black for any occasion.

But if possible, it won’t really be the case anymore. Here is the main reason why: For the longest time, I was told to wear the color as much as possible, both from personal and societal rhetoric. “It’s the most versatile, flattering color!” “It’s timeless” and “little black dress” were plastered everywhere. Not to mention, more controversial buzzwords like “slimming” caught my attention in the beginning. Perhaps subconsciously I developed wearing black every single day as a habit.

There’s truly nothing wrong with sticking to what isn’t broken. On the other hand, I can’t help but open my closet and wish there was more color variety. Since 2014, I’ve learned a thing or two about life’s unpredictability and my persona has consequently changed from that. Colors convey more than a tone…I’m certain all fashion experts and enthusiasts are aware of the power of indirect narration through colors and patterns, even textures and thicknesses of fabrics. Simply to put, I want my visual storytelling to comprise of more than just a saga of black dresses. Still, all my favorite black clothing items aren’t going anywhere until they naturally fade into obsolescence. They work for me fabulously for purposes other than their monochromatic color scheme. I plan to donate or sell those I don’t find myself reaching for often, as well as any other non-black clothing item I wouldn’t wear on my accord. I’m excited to make room for more exciting chapters of clothing in my life!

As if anybody cares: lately I’ve been into soft, natural colors that embody spring and the transition period between summer and fall (late August to early/mid-September), including white. Flowers have also been hitting it for me lately—I REALLY want a long white dress with some kind of translucent lace or tulle flowers sewn on them. I’ve been stepping more into this image of a girl who likes walking around a luxury shopping district underneath a garden of trees with pink flowers and a gently shining sun in the sky. Doesn’t that sound like the dream?


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