My New Fitness Routine: Working Full-Time is VERY Humbling.

Two posts in ONE DAY?! Who am I?!

Eons ago, when I started following health and fitness influencers online, I was under the impression that balancing a workout routine would be as easy as pie: make time, wake up an hour earlier and go to the gym, and just DO IT. While this plan is easily executable, the actual levels of difficulty in sustaining this new routine of fitting a daily workout in a 9-5 schedule are much more severe than I had hoped for.

For an ACTUAL 9-5 schedule, this would 100% work for me. I could exercise at 6:30 A.M., drive to work by 8:00 A.M., and hopefully arrive on time. But alas, unfortunately, this is not the case for me. My work day starts at 6 A.M….yes, SIX IN THE MORNING. The day ends at 1 P.M. in the afternoon (sadly, traffic isn’t that good during this time). You know what that means for me? I have to wake up at five each morning and crawl like a slug to ensure everything is ready for the day ahead. When I say I crawl like a slug, I mean it. I know I complain a lot about being tired and sleepy, but I truly, truly, truly, am both. The weekends are truly a blessing in both disguise and BIG, bold font. I can catch up on an extra two hours of sleep that make a world of a difference in my overall mood, functionality, and physiological well-being! Take care of your doziness, folks.

Okay, but for my ACTUAL fitness routine: there have been quite some changes! I have officially started trying out Peloton, a digital fitness subscription program that my family and I have been using thanks to my cousin’s recommendation! I think I will share my full undisclosed thoughts about the service in a month or so to give myself more time to explore the app. So far, I have been enjoying the workouts quite a lot, but it’s not perfect.

As of lately, my sessions have comprised of two Peloton videos (~42-47 minutes total) from their cardio and/or strength sections with at least one of the workouts being able to accommodate the use of weights. Additionally I walk around 6.5 miles a day with at least 4 miles already being sufficed from walking around the work facilities super often. I exercise 6-7 days a week.

Every Sunday morning–sometimes Saturday as well if permissible for the rest of my family–I like to go hiking with my mother and/or sister close to home and visit Whole Foods to enjoy some mid-hiking or post-hiking kombucha. I genuinely love the uphill trails the most to pack in an extra burn for the legs and even more ease around the end of the trail when returning to the car! Something about a workout starting off tough and ending easily-breezily is very rewarding because you complete the hardest parts first. It feels incredibly nice.

Overall, sleep has been equivalent to money for me. I cling onto every minute of sleep like a ten, twenty, fifty, hundred dollar bill. Currently, the focus has deviated away from weight loss. What truly matters to me are how I feel physically and mentally, putting on a little more muscle, and how I fit into my clothes (I guess you could consider this an aesthetic attribute, but not necessarily to the extent where I nitpick at specifics. Simply to put, I don’t like shopping for clothes and would rather not have to go through the hassle of resetting my closet again). But in general, this workout routine works superbly for me! I love the 42-47 minute range because it’s just enough time to feel like you’re working hard but not where it seems as if I’m spending too much time exercising.

Also…my diet has updated quite a bit. I’ve focused way more on protein and consuming enough probiotics every day to optimize the muscle growth and general health. Major emphasis on fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, starches, and high-quality protein. I will say, I LOVE everything about Erewhon. Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen‘s chocolate protein bars are the REAL DEAL.

However, I DO adore my sweet treats, especially ice cream and vegan pastries! I can’t get enough of Frozen Fruit Co. and Erin McKenna’s Bakery. They truly, truly, are one of a kind! I used to eat treats only once a week, but now, I don’t track frequency. I just happen to love to dig in whenever!

Thank you all for reading this far! I plan on posting some fitness updates on how I feel around the summer to check-in with how I feel and look collectively. No specific stats on weight or measurements, of course. Being in my twenties and working instead of studying, I find myself feeling less obsessed with aesthetics. Truth of a matter is, you age more gracefully if you just stick to a healthy lifestyle that is devoid or at least extremely limited in mental and emotional stress. I’d rather weigh a little more now and age very healthily and beautifully in my thirties so that I can thrive for as long as possible than burn myself out in a “peak age range” and feel, perhaps look, even older and worn out sooner than later. Maybe this is the whole mantra I’ve been abiding by the past month or so…looking inward and thinking long-term goals and effects. My endeavors can change drastically or minimally–all that matters now is enjoying every minute and second of life while taking care of myself, balancing out risk-taking with practicality, and finding beauty in everything but also understanding what needs to change and the fires we need to extinguish.

One fire I NEED to control for sure, though? My newfound sleep deprivation.

Have an amazing weekend!

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