Birthday Beloveds: Small Businesses to Support During the Holidays

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links–if you purchase anything through this link, I receive a small commission without any extra payment on your end! All opinions of these companies and products are my own.

My birthday was just a few weeks ago–I am officially twenty-three years-old! That’s right! Being a year older is…h’woo, babe. Nothing that extraordinary. Yes, it stinks that I’m closer to dying and gaining a few wrinkles here and there, but hey, more experience and more wisdom gained is all worth it! Check out all the phenomenal eats I shared during my birthday week (though it’s technically still my birthday month…hint hint, wink wink!)–there will be a full blog post detailing all the celebrations I partook in (both in L.A. and S.F.!), but here are the overviews for now:

Let me paint this scenario: I had this tremendously, unbelievably vivid dream one night where I was trapped in a deep, dark, gloomy, cave-structured and swampy watered ride run by these exaggerated and spooky characters you’d see in Tim Burton movies. The roller coaster was PACKED with passengers stuck in their water carts, including myself. I had no idea how I ended up here and there was no way to escape. The tunnel was painted and carved to resemble a purple sea monster engulfing us all. Then it clicked: someway and somehow, I recollected that legend holds that anyone who boards the ride may or may not return back. The anticipation sent me in full body chills (not the good kind). It wasn’t until I opened my wings and abruptly flew out of my cart and zipped out of the cave, hearing people shouting and directing engineers and guards to chase me on their wings and flying motor bikes.

THAT is EXACTLY how I would describe 2020. You just need to find the answer within yourself to make a better year out of it, I guess?

Anyways, one of the most crucial sectors in our food industry that most people tend to dismiss as one for “low-skilled workers” or “middle to lower-middle class” people is the world of foodservice operations.

If you are in the Bay Area…


FOODSERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS (entirely or mostly vegan)

If you are in the Central Coast…


FOODSERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS (entirely or mostly vegan)

If you are in Southern California…


FOODSERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS (entirely or mostly vegan)

If you are an online shopper…

Happy Holidays!

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