2021 Goals: Re-branding my YouTube Channel, Work Endeavors, and Personal Life Pursuits

And a gooooooooood morning to you all, folks! Hello, happy December! Yes, my birthday passed, I am graduating EARLY (what?! Although, there will be a delay in sending my tassel and graduation cap and robe), and my internship has ended this Friday. I personally have been in a mental spiral of “unrealness” where everything feels surreal. I cannot believe it is almost the end of 2020, the end of my Food Science program, and the end of my early twenties. Ohhhhh me oh my.

It was a FANTASTIC birthday, of course!

With that being said, there are several goals I have–or at least three broad umbrellas of micro-endeavors–in mind for next year and the rest of the years to come. They’ll be fun, challenging, endearing, and daunting, all at the same time! Without further ado, let’s dive into everything!


I miss creating and uploading videos on YouTube–I do! I really do!–but not the type of videos I used to create. Otherwise, WAY too many “What I Eat in a Day” videos. To be fair, you can’t really go wrong with them as long as the food you showcase isn’t potentially triggering or could lead anyone astray in a bad path with nutrition. I may or may not have to go through my videos and see where I cringe (it’ll be almost everywhere), private some videos, etc., just because my whole channel scheme may change pretty drastically.

To tell the truth, I would LOVE to dabble in commentary. There is quite a list of my favorites in the back of my mind that you should all support ASAP, specifically:

Also, I have a list of video ideas that I would love to tackle on–the first one will have to do with Christmas–not necessarily pertaining to health and wellness all the time, but I do hold some strong opinions and feedback on all kinds of issues encompassing pop culture, film, music, TV, veganism, health and wellness, and social media culture. Should I be doing skincare or eating during these videos? Eh, not sure. Most likely skincare.


Finding a new job, a newfound sense of financial independence…it’s been quite the ride. Now, there’s no shortage of opportunities whatsoever–the shortage comes with opportunities that are hiring IMMEDIATELY. Granted, the holidays are here, and January through February will be the starting point for hiring and recruiting, but still. It’s easy to panic.

Reassurance from my peers and loved ones at work and my personal circle has helped, plus, there really is no rush for me. I’m not in a dire financial situation where I have to pay rent in a tight deadline nor am I concerned about surviving, Obviously, I am very, very fortunate to be in my situation, as many do not have the same security. I acknowledge my privilege in not having debt to pay or worrying about going hungry and cold. There is simply something mentally fulfilling of working and being employed. I just feel more secure.

Personally, I am open to all kinds of tasks pertaining to lab work, product development, research, anything hands-on and more actively stimulating. The company itself is not as important to me as the type of work and experience I will gain from the position I end up starting with. Pay and employee benefits are also important, not to mention my own standards and morals if I end up being mistreated or compensated inadequately–still, the skillset finessing is prime and my number one priority in seeking.


This section is pretty straightforward: a new routine. There are some gaps in my personal routine that I find a bit draining and unfulfilling because my internship drains me so much that I don’t want to finish any major tasks at night. It would be nice for evenings to be productive as well, but I’m also struggling with the notion that evening and nighttime should serve as a period to wind down and prepare for sleep. It’s one reason why my blogging has taken a month-ish long hiatus.

As for diet, it may seem like it in the photos here, but I PROMISE you, I have been eating significantly healthier during the week than just two months ago. I relied pretty heavily on convenience foods that contained a lot of ingredients with undisclosed measurements as opposed to cooking my own and making much simpler recipes. Now the latter is closer to my reality. Weekends are great for treating myself to one meal or so. Moreover, physical signals are key as opposed to mental and habitual signals–let’s not eat just for the sake of timing, shall we? This may or may not be the case in Los Angeles. It really depends on how my schedule operates; the more we eat out, I might have to eat more vegetables and micronutrient-dense foods earlier in the day just to feel better.

Exercise has taken an AMAZING shift–thirty minutes of hardcore circuit training with some weights and cardio. Goodness gracious, I sweat buckets afterwards all the time! The workout routine switches up every single session with a brief warm-up and cool down. I love to workout in the morning to continue starting my day correctly, but an evening workout doesn’t hurt either (it’s harder to motivate myself later in the day, though). This 30-minute workout is paired with ~ or >10,000 steps a day. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with the strength gains I’ve made, especially in my upper body!

Finally, my personal life goals entail truly understanding and specifying what I desire in my reality. Everything. What I want in my relationship, what I would like in my living space (present and future), anything in my friendships, whatever I want my budget to afford, where I would like to live, whatever it may be. If that means making some drastic changes, so be it. Not all of them will be easy, but I want to make this decade a transformative one!

That’s all for now! Again, have a wonderful holiday season!

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