This Protein Bar is AWESOME and it Honors International Creativity

Say you know exactly what type of protein bar you prefer in terms of taste, flavor, texture, consistency, all the organoleptic factors in describing a product. The nutrition facts and ingredients are also on point! But furthermore, what if you care a bit more extensively about the company itself? Does it hold and maintain its integrity? Does it give back to the community? What is its core message and philosophy of operation? Take Mezcla: a plant-based protein bar brand that exhibits celebration of diversity, creativity, and health in every shape, size, lifestyle, and background.

  • You can scan your bar package on your phone to open a QR code showcasing an active virtual art gallery! How cool is that?!
  • 2% of their profits are donated to under-funded schools to aid in quality of art education for all, such as the San Francisco Youth Art Exchange and the Art Activity Fund at Charlottesville High School. This is VITAL for prompting our younger generation to immerse themselves in creative expression.
  • 30% of their products were given to non-profit healthcare services and medical institutions to fuel healthcare workers and those on the front line during the pandemic! YES!
  • They have been aiding the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund to combat social injustice in the United States. I would like more specification on what exactly they’re doing to help, but this is good news.

Mezcla was such a sweetheart and sent me a complimentary package with all three bars and flavors. I got to try them last week and had an awesome time with them! However, I did have some clear favorites. Below are my specific rankings and evaluations of each.



  • Flavor: 8/10–it’s exactly what you expect! Lots of matcha in each bite with a hint of vanilla from the glossy cream coating layer at the bottom. Personally, matcha is a very strong flavor for me and it would have been suitable with a little more vanilla in the formula to balance it out, but if you REALLY enjoy matcha, this will be your obsession.
  • Texture: 10/10–similarly as the NuGo bars, I LOVE the combination of crunchiness and smoothness! Again, wouldn’t change anything about it!
  • Consistency: 9/10–while I’d like a slightly thicker coating at the bottom to balance out the crunchiness and flavor, the variety is really neat. I would like a drizzle on the front of the bar for some extra flair!
  • Size: 9.5/10–the size that you attain for the ingredients and nutritional profile is reasonable. Not too bulky, not too small, just right!
  • Overall: 9.125/10 (really awesome, but I’d rather purchase one of the next flavors because spoiler–they’re better!)


  • Flavor: 9/10–Wowwie kazowie! Talk about chocolate with a KICK. At first, I expected the chipotle to be quite demure, and while it’s not overpowering, it’s present! I absolutely adore chocolate with spiciness, so I may be a little biased. But hey, it’s CHOCOLATE, COME ON.
  • Texture: 10/10–the same reasoning as that of the Japanese Matcha Vanilla Crunch! Flawless, essentially!
  • Consistency: 9.5/10–don’t know why, but the thickness of the chocolate coating is more prominent in this bar than the vanilla coating in the matcha bar! Not complaining though–I love the drizzle on the top!
  • Size: 9.5/10–exactly like the matcha bar!
  • Overall: 9.5/10 (super happy with this bar and would definitely buy again!)


  • Flavor: 9.999999/10–the best, THE BEST. I’m obsessed with this level of peanut butter and chocolate harmony! They are both well-pronounced and articulated, but don’t clash. Absolutely spectacular!
  • Texture: 10/10–just like the other bars. Woot woot!
  • Consistency: 9.999999/10–I think this bar has the thickest chocolate coating! Perhaps this might not apply to all individual bars, but hey, such a perk, right?
  • Size: 9.5/10–yup, pretty much verbatim of that of the other flavors. LOVE it!
  • Overall: 9.875/10 (my new go-to protein bar for a crunchy texture and chocolate coating!)
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FAVORITE SNACKS PART 3: HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES EDITION 🍉🌻🥜🌶🍫🥣🍁🍅🎄🍪 Okay, so I uploaded a collage of my favorite snacks when I was still in university and wanted to create a “junk food swaps” edition (but by all means, enjoy whatever you like!). Without further ado, here are my favorite junk food swaps–ALL of them being vegan, of course! 1. @smartsweets Sourmelon Bites: very nice and chewy alternative to Sour Patch watermelons that taste just as delightful but have none of the added sugar! 2. @gomacro Protein Purity bar: really awesome if you're craving chocolate covered sunflower seeds. 3. @eatmezcla Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter bar: My new peanut butter chocolate GODSEND, folks. This bar is just a fantastic match to Little Debbie's peanut butter crunch bars! 4. @iwonorganics Mesquite BBQ stix: love them instead of Hot Cheetos (they also have a cheese flavor–not vegan, unfortunately)! 5. @eatnuttzo @evolvedchocolate Chocolate Power Fuel mixed nut butter: just as creamy, decadent, and satisfying as Nutella but not as overbearing or sugary. Gold stars for days. 6. @catalinacrunch Dark Chocolate cereal: OBSESSED, OBSESSED, OBSESSED. SUPERB if you're craving Chocolate Toast Crunch or any chocolatey kids cereal! 7. Homemade @lakanto maple syrup peanut butter cookies: An old first year recipe I concocted eons ago, but I have to resurrect it. This is magnificent if you just want a conventional peanut butter cookie without flour, butter, sugar, etc. 8. @badabeansnacks Mesquite BBQ crunchy broad beans: If I want something a LOT crunchier, like spicy corn nuts rather than chips or puffs, than this is my go-to! 9. @munkpack Snickerdoodle protein cookie: 'Tis the season to be anticipating fall and winter flavors (yes, I said it, WINTER IS COMING), so this could not be more fitting if you like conventional snickerdoodles. 10/10! 10. @bhufoods Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar: this is the best cookie dough bar if you're interested in a lower sugar and higher protein option on-the-go instead of cookie dough pops and sticks!

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Being soy free, gluten free, and vegan, Mezcla comes in clutch when being allergen friendly! Their bars are pea and quinoa-based, so their protein profile should be complete in amino acids as well. I adore how Mezcla not only has a very interactive team that will text you often AND soon, but they go far and beyond to appreciate artwork from many cultures. The virtual art gallery is spectacular, plus Mezcla gives back to their communities as a company, whether it be fueling the arts education programs where they can and feeding healthcare workers during this time. This is probably the main reason why I would rather support Mezcla than larger companies that have not given back yet and are not as in-touch with customers. Not to mention–the overall quality of the products are stellar!


Each bar contains only around 10 grams of protein with 20 grams of carbohydrates and 7 grams of added sugar. Much less added sugar than the NuGo chocolate bars, less carbohydrates, but also slightly less protein. I’m not quite certain of how cheap or expensive they are in retail, but online, they are $19.99 for eight bars (~$2.50 per bar, kind of average but not the cheapest), $18.99 if you subscribe monthly. At this time, I can only buy my bars online until I return to Los Angeles.


While I personally would only consume these bars as a post-savory meal dessert or snack, I am thrilled that Mezcla reached out because I honestly am obsessed with them! Their peanut butter bars are my favorite, FAVORITE, for an afternoon treat. Quality of ingredients = awesomeness. Flavor = gold stars. Integrity of the company = A+. Uniqueness and passion = unmatchable. I really hope they channel new flavors and products soon because they definitely have the creative fire to do so along with all the tools to achieve perfect quality!


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