This Protein Bar is the Worst…and the Best at the Same Time

Have you ever loved something SO much but DESPISE just ONE of its big-deal attributes that the connection is significantly spoiled? Well, I have come across more than plenty of products with these circumstances, including skincare, clothing, kitchen appliances–heck, even watching certain YouTube channels and listening to some songs will have the same effect! Speaking of which, Raw Rev Glo.

Their products were found on almost every single protein/nutrition bar shelf I walked past in a health foods store, but I never followed them as closely as those of other brands because from appearance alone they didn’t seem to catch my desires–specifically due to size. They are SUPER tiny! However, now I’ve grown to not necessitate a protein bar the size of my iPhone, plus they were on sale, so I decided to snag two. I have tried a couple of their flavors but I genuinely do not remember which ones or what they tasted like, hence might as well taste test some of their raw vegan protein bars!


  • Flavor: 7/10–tastes just like creamy peanut butter! I could have used a little more sea salt, but I’m not complaining otherwise!
  • Texture: 6.5/10–you definitely taste the protein. That’s not my issue here: the bar was so oily! I have seen many bars with oils, but never in this thick coating. That aside, I love the little hints of peanuts and chia seeds dispersed throughout the bar and how soft the base is!
  • Consistency: 6.5/10–love the variety of crunch and smoothness, but again, the oiliness is not great.
  • Size: 3/10–not that deep of a problem: too small.
  • Overall: 5.75/10 (would most likely not purchase again)


  • Flavor: 9.5/10–SUCH beautiful harmony between the chocolate and peanut butter! It tasted like peanut protein with chocolate chunks and some chia seeds, which is a lovely combination. Obsessed!
  • Texture: 6.5/10–pretty similar to that of the creamy peanut butter and sea salt bar. You taste the protein and have to deal with the thick oily coating, but hey, the rest of the texture is nice.
  • Consistency: 7.5/10–even better variety with the large and rich chocolate chunks! I absolutely loved each bite with the chocolate!
  • Size: 1.5/10–even worse than the creamy peanut butter and sea salt bar! I personally think it is WAY too teeny tiny for what I paid for.
  • Overall: 6.25/10 (would purchase again, but not often)


Flavor-wise and texture-wise, these bars are absolutely fantastic! I wouldn’t change very much on these attributes because they are quite satisfying for a sweet tooth craving. Ingredients wise, they have a magnificent array of healthy food items such as chia seeds, nut butter, protein powder, and natural polysaccharides. Nutrition-wise, they match a bit with that of two tablespoons of peanut butter (which sadly, is not very much in quantity) but with added fiber, protein, and iron!


These bars range slightly in prices, but they range from $1.89-$2 per bar. Personally, I wish they were just larger for their size…and less oily.


Some people are a stickler for certain attributes over others, whether it be consistency or flavor, but for me, getting my bang for the buck is just as important. I do believe they should update their packaging design because there is a certain aesthetic that comes with being raw vegan unless they also want to market this notion of athleticism and fitness in their brand, which makes perfect sense! Moreover, it would be super challenging to re-formulate the protein bars to modify the size, but again, depends on consumer demand.

All in all, I love these protein bars but they also bug me. I’d need two in one sitting for a meal or one as a small snack after a more substantial portion of food. Then again, I just like larger protein bars! Everyone’s preference is different!

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P.S. this is not a sponsored post. All opinion-based statements are my own.

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