TikTok’s Health and Wellness Culture Sucks, but…

As many of you have guessed, this post centers all around the app that’s named after the sounds of an analog clock. Specifically, its #wellnesstips and #health arenas of the app. Let’s just say…I would rather have dinner with Joe Goldberg, Tywin Lannister, and the major from the Beastars universe than watch ANY more of whatever is in the cesspools of the #wellnesstips. #wellness, #whatieatinaday, and #health sections. If you do not know who any of these characters are, then just recall they are utter garbage individuals and, someway and somehow, TikTok takes the cake.

Firstly, I do not want to rat anyone out specifically because this issue applies to far too many people and influencers even more viewers to be involved in drama. Secondly, many of these videos SHOULD require some kind of trigger warning because they instigate the urges to continue or begin disordered ways of thinking and acting. I highly recommend you watch some reaction and review videos of TikTok to view for yourself if you would like to see them evidently.

To explain: these types of clips just whore out the buzzwords left and right: detox, lose weight fast, here’s why you’re bloated, and worst of all–there is an amalgamation of misinformation given with poor evidence backing the claims. We see advice on how to make your v*ginas smell like fruits (since that is extremely practical), drinks that promise instant fat loss, full day of eating videos with 1000 calories or less, metabolism drops, and calling frozen blueberries in almond milk a meal. Even worse…there are videos out there insinuating toxic mentalities on body image and weight loss (While I have watched many of these videos on my own, there are many others that are sourced from Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3).

To summarize…TikTok’s health and wellness culture–mainly centered around weight loss and diet–is a shark tank where toxic mindsets and habits about your body and well-being can eat you alive. They may leave you be or devour your ability to think critically and view yourself in an alternative lens. The good news? It does not have to be this way. Thus far, I have found many dietitians and credible authorities on this app address these subjects in a manner that one can find more than plenty of peer-reviewed and well-constructed studies affirming the claims, as well as plenty of full day of eating videos that exhibit nutrient-dense and balanced meals, not just a day of four snacks. I’ve done the same as shown below!

Example of one of my full day of eating videos! This one is a favorite of mine.
What’s a food feed without some indulgences?

Carbs…eat them! More nutrient dense and satiating ones, but enjoy treats as well ❤️ #recipe #wellnesstips #health #diet #nutrition #fitness #vegan

♬ Wild Side [From “Beastars”] – Instrumental – Jonatan King
Some brief facts about carbs and why you should NOT avoid them like the plague…
A mini personal insight on my weight loss experience and how I’ve evolved since then!

At the end of the day, we cannot simply ban these hashtags or videos from being uploaded. Viewers like buzzwords and they want quick fixes that work….at least for a little while. Fortunately, we have many solutions to this issue. We can simply overcast the fads with videos of factual and sustainable tips alongside clips promoting a level-headed and compassionate perspective on diet, fitness, and weight loss. Be cautious if you are looking at typical beauty and vegan hashtags too, because they can easily be discovered with enough scrolling. Finally, if you find that you may easily be triggered into destructive habits, especially if a video plays unexpectedly, then please avoid hashtags on health and wellness tips altogether.

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