Top 25 Vegan YouTubers (no particular order)

It has been a hot minute since I have created a list of my favorite influencers and social media stars. Last year, I uploaded three different lists of my favorite health and fitness YouTubers based on the amount of subscribers they have (<100K, <500K, and >500K–note that there are updates regarding subscriber count since some of these people have exceeded the quantity of subscribers listed now! It’s amazing to see my favorite influencers grow!). However, I noticed that I had never featured a list of my favorite vegan influencers–okay, some of the lists above have social media channels of people that happen to be vegan, but their content revolves more around fitness. This post centers around emphasizing channels that prioritize teaching others about the vegan lifestyle through culinary mastery, recipe videos, restaurant hopping, discussion about activism, debunking myths, and teaching others about vegan nutrition.

The list does not rank anyone in particular order. Just like in my previous lists, I will have three of my favorite videos from each channel to share–specifically, these videos are awesome for introducing you to the channel and understanding what purposes they serve in the online vegan world and what makes each of them unique (not all listed videos are related to veganism). While twenty five may seem like quite a large amount to address on one list, you will find hundreds of thousands, if not already MILLIONS, of vegan YouTubers online.

Just as a critical statement, I do not watch every single video from each of these channels (in fact, for most of these channels, I watch around 30-60%. Hey, I’m picky!). I choose what I want to consume and I leave what does not appeal or serve me. None of these YouTubers are perfect–they may have videos that you personally would not resonate with. Like how you would for any television/social media channel, show, and so forth, proceed with what you desire and need to watch while avoiding what is not beneficial to you.

  • Avant Garde Vegan: I would be an absolute delinquent for not mentioning Gaz Oakley. Having started working in restaurants since childhood and growing a blossoming career as a vegan chef (mayn of his recipes are served at restaurants!), I’d argue that Avant Garde Vegan has some of the most phenomenally crafted vegan recipe videos in the world. While many of his recipes are grandiosely fancy and innovative, he has plenty of videos with simple and quick-to-whip-up meals that are high in protein and loaded with wholesome food.
While I am conflicted about recreating this recipe at home (I’d have to find other ways to use cola), I would ABSOLUTELY try it at a restaurant! It is astounding how much the mushrooms resemble meat!
If there isn’t a curry I have tried, it is all varieties not served in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. This Caribbean curry may look simple, but the flavor seems remarkably unique and underrated. Best part? This recipe only takes 15 minutes to cook!
  • Pick Up Limes: PRAISE for the vegans experienced in dietetics! Sadia’s approach centers around an open-minded and holistic viewpoint on dieting, nutrition, and developing a peaceful relationship with all kinds of food. While her recipes are not entirely out-of-the-box, they are incredibly nourishing, colorful, and of course, all vegan! Also, I love her videos about eating healthier, creating a balanced approach on dieting, sharing all the meals she eats at home versus when traveling, and how she doesn’t impose veganism on others.
These meals made me salivate! The Gado Gado, buckwheat pancakes, and cauliflower curry are my favorites–plus, all the recipes look extremely complete in nutrients.
You can’t go wrong with veggie-loaded and whole grain-based dishes that pack tons of flavor. It is so refreshing that she uses chow mein instead of zucchini or even buckwheat noodles since it showcases that not all dietetic graduates aren’t afraid of simple carbohydrates!
  • Shine With Plants: this woman popped up on my Instagram a few months ago and I’ve been hooked on her YouTube channel ever since. Fabiola is so positive! On top of that, she has proven that you can raise a healthy and beautiful family on a vegan diet that consists of mostly fresh produce, whole grains, healthy fats, and legumes (fun fact: they’re bilingual–they also speak French!). While she follows a mostly raw vegan diet, she has plenty of high protein recipes and nourishing meals that anyone would love.
This has got to be one of the cutest videos on YouTube–EVER. While I’m not entirely set on family vlogging, I have to admit, Chelsea is a walking little ball of sunshine. It is very encouraging and heartwarming to see a vegan birthday party that was successful and fun for all the guests! Plus, who doesn’t want raw vegan carrot cake?
Can’t register that vegans aren’t protein deficient? Well, this video proves to you that indeed, vegans can easily eat more than plenty of protein! Fabiola’s recipes look amazing–she hits over 100 grams of protein here!
  • Mary’s Test Kitchen: Nothing entertains me more than experimenting in the kitchen, and Mary of Mary’s Test Kitchen has some of the best vegan experimental cooking recipes out there! Not only is her way of making chicken out of tofu absolutely INSANE where it looks like seitan, her scope of recipes extend beyond the average spectrum of salads and vegetable curries along with fruit-based desserts. There are videos for vegan milk bread, beef buns, fried eggs, cream doughnuts, and even some basics such as how to make tofu, vegan naan, and kimchi!
Nothing sounds more wonderful than being able to create your own vegan protein! What blows my mind is how MEATY it looks. If you can’t decide between having chickpeas and seitan, why not have both with this recipe? This video is one of my absolute favorites because Mary discusses the trials in specifics and how her testing operated up to perfection.
Never have I ever seen Japanese souffle pancakes that have been veganized–better yet, they are extremely simple to make! Basically, my life is even closer to being complete. They look DIVINE!
  • Unnatural Vegan: okay, there is a lingering notion that all vegans are against GMO’s, vaccines, the government, and even others not being vegan! Swayze is one of my favorite vegans on YouTube because her discussions on many subjects are extremely well-articulated, thoroughly researched, and true to credible and factual evidence (not just random studies, but WELL DONE studies!). Her channel comprises of more than plenty of videos responding to some faulty forms of vegan influence, debunking myths about veganism, and very informative content on vegan parenthood and proper nutrition.
    • UPDATE: in light of the videos regarding Black Lives Matter, I am no longer subscribed to Unnatural Vegan (though this does not change that much of her other content is extremely high-quality and contains valuable information about veganism). Having said that, I still highly recommend the videos below if you want to learn more about other cases on veganism.
Don’t be intimidated by how long the video is (if it helps, play some music very softly in the background)! Yes, it is very true that many people are indifferent to animal suffering, but that does not mean they don’t have the capability of being vegan! This video is INCREDIBLE because of its wealth of evidence regarding the vegan lifestyle’s benefits on science, climate change, feeding the world population, and much more. Even if you are vegan, you will find new reasons to confirm that being vegan is one of the best devotions!
While the vegan community is fantastic, it is not perfect. Sometimes, we need a time of self-reflection like any other group. I truly enjoy this video since it stresses how critical it is to ensure EVERYONE can access veganism on a tangible level, even if that means acknowledging that some vegan food is just too expensive for someone to sustain–HELL, even if that the vegan alternative doesn’t taste the same.
  • Caitlin Shoemaker: I love Caitlin’s channel! She has a lovely blog and some entertaining videos that are very suitable for anyone on a budget, for those who care about food waste, and people who just want simple but nourishing recipes. Her way of eating is very well-balanced and focused on wholesome food, but even more importantly, it is relatable (seriously!)–nothing extremely grandiose or complicated! Plus, Caitlin and Dylan seem wonderfully genuine and adorable! (We met at VegFest LA a few years ago and she is insanely talented at cooking and is truly super sweet!)
If there is anything that catches my eye, it is any article or video that involves saving money. Look at how abundant this meal prep is with meals that only cost $3!
If < $50 is just too expensive for you, then this is the video to watch. Yes, veganism can be done if you live below the line. This video is by no means a way you SHOULD eat or an example of adequate vegan nutrition. It’s simply a visual showcasing of how important it is to plan everything out in cases of extreme limitation on budgeting and sourcing. Hey, there are some pretty creative recipes too, such as pancakes, cookie dough, and pizza!
  • Healthy Crazy Cool: yes, I HAD to include the tahini king on my list. How could I not?! Anyways, Miles (he is a nutritionist from the UK, which entails much better credentials and education than those of the US) has a view on vegan diets and nutrition that is just a breath of fresh air. Truth be told, to hear a vegan nutritionist address how crucial it is to consume healthy fats, refrain from refined sugar, and embrace an appetite of a horse, is magnificent!
Miles hit off his channel with a BANG. He reflects on how difficult some vegans make the diet for fellow vegans and non-vegans, specifically with labels and how fat should be demonized. Miles’ rational and professional perspective should be pushed as the front runner of the vegan movement!
No words. Miles, not only are you remarkably well-versed in vegan nutrition, but your meals look MARVELOUS! Look at those decorated sweet potatoes and macadamia nut butter…OMG. I love that he shared what he orders at restaurants too!
  • The Viet Vegan: Ah, nothing beats vegan Vietnamese food. Well, that’s a lie. What does beat vegan Vietnamese food is a wonderfully lovable, funny, and down-to-earth person behind the creation of vegan Vietnamese food! Not only this, Lisa has some of the most gorgeous non-Vietnamese recipes (check out her fluffy blueberry pancakes recipe!) and the most entertaining travel vlogs.
Banh xeo is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes! This particular rendition of it looks incredible. Hearty, filling, flavorful, and generously portioned, you cannot go wrong with this easy and people-pleasing dish!
Not only are Lisa’s cooking absolutely wonderful, so are her vlogs. I truly love her relationship with Eddie and how genuine they are. They travel a lot, so their vlogs never fail to showcase wonderful insight on the scenery and the food (of course!)!
  • Edgy Veg: Any vegan channel that takes cooking to the next level and draws inspiration from all kinds of sources is my kind of channel. That’s why Candice’s platform HAD to be included on this list! While I love her more basic recipes as well, what truly catches my eye are her experimental videos and her cooking hacks. Not to mention–she’s absolutely hilarious and lovely!
We all know soy fish and wheat gluten fish, palm of hearts fish, but how about banana blossom fish? That’s right! This video completely delivers in the presentation and execution of the experiment in vegan cooking. How can you not be intrigued to try this yourself?
If there is anything more people should view on YouTube, it would be veganized recipes of decadently classic dishes created by non-vegan chefs. I loved Candice’s take on Jamie Oliver’s mac n’ cheese–just look at those layers!
  • Julien Solomita: No doy–it would have been brutally sinful of me to disregard Julien Solomita. Many people recognize him as Jenna Marbles’ beloved significant other (they are nearly the perfect vegan couple), but he also has one of the most widely engaged and creative vegan recipe channels online! All of his videos are really neat with a fun spin on various recipes. What’s also very wonderful is how much his videos appeal to non-vegans to encompass how a perhaps niche lifestyle is easily attractive to many others!
CUTENESS OVERLOAD. CUTENESS OVERLOAD. Granted, even though lentil loaves don’t woo my heart like those of others, any act of cooking for me deserves praise.
Don’t plan on going to Taco Bell anything soon–this looks EVEN BETTER than any Taco Bell takeout!
  • hot for food: talk about delicacies left and right! Lauren Toyota is a woman of many, many talents. Not only is she an amazing cook, but she seems wonderfully genuine, creative, and open-minded to traveling, writing, manifestation, and being true to your dreams and needs (see her personal channel).
OH ME OH MY. No words can describe how tasty these look!
I love that this meal prep is insanely fun, vibrant, varied, and colorful in every way for only $100! Granted, this isn’t financially practical for everyone to try, but I absolutely would!
  • Veggiekins: Remi is such a warm, kindhearted, and beautiful soul. I love her holistic approach towards veganism, physical health, nutrition, and mental health. Her videos never fail to exhibit a positive ray of sunshine in anyone’s day, ESPECIALLY with how she promotes veganism, plus they are beautifully edited!
Remi’s travel vlogs are very entertaining! This London video is no exception. I do not understand you if this trip does not make you desire a trip abroad for yummy vegan food!
While this video isn’t necessarily about veganism or vegan food, sobriety is a major topic of discussion–one that some may even find taboo! Remi’s story about her experience with it is extremely heartfelt and transparent. Even if you are not sober, I highly recommend you watch it for a different perspective.
  • Mic the Vegan: nothing is more refreshing than a viewpoint that understands science, effective research, and a sprinkle of fun here and there! I met Mic at VegFest LA two years ago and he is just as intelligent and true to his work in person as he seems on camera! You will love his videos if you are interested in researching about veganism analytically in detail.
While Mic generally encourages reduction of one’s oil consumption, he provides some exceptions here. It is great to acknowledge one’s position more often than once for self-reflection.
Okay, I have never watched The Magic Pill (but honestly, I don’t really want to), but I cannot get enough of this debunking video! Geeking out on science and diet is one of my favorites, after all!
  • SweetPotatoSoul: Jenne is insanely sweet and genuine, but she also offers an incredibly vivid and informative view on approaching veganism! I love that she centers her diet around wholesome foods and aims to share other ways to reduce our carbon footprint and negative impact on others. Many of her videos tackle sub-topics within veganism, such as wedding planning, pregnancy, motherhood, and beginner tips for going vegan.
I absolutely ADORE budget-friendly videos in every way, especially those pertaining to veganism! It is mind-blowing that this meal prep was ~$30 for such vibrant recipes and healthy foods! (Transparency: I’d find having oats every day a little boring unless the toppings are different every single day, which I am sure Jenne emphasizes here!)
Weddings, ah…I got mad wedding fever for a hot minute, but this video never fails to ignite my desire for a beautiful wedding ceremony even more (I’ll pass on the prenup, though!). The best part? The wedding menu is entirely vegan! GOALS.
  • Cheap Lazy Vegan: Rose is the BEST. She is authentically true to her experience and observations about veganism while showcasing SUCH a refreshing take on how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle. Not everyone can or wants to create elaborate meals that take heaps of time, so Rose’s channel is the PERFECT resource for insightful mukbangs, phenomelnal budget-friendly meal ideas along with a very accepting and non-dogmatic or black-and-white approach on vegan subjects (P.S. She hosted a meetup several years ago in California and we all ended up having vegan sushi for dinner! It is still one of my favorite vegan meet-ups to this day!).
Parasite is a movie we do NOT deserve, but we shouldn’t question its presence. Additionally, we now have a veganized Jjapaguri recipe AND mukbang! WOOHOO! See for yourself how delicious it looks and how fun this mukbang is to watch! (Be wary of the eating noises though…I recommend refraining from this video if you have misophonia)
Aside from the best food porn, Rose offers remarkably thoughtful and articulate stances on somewhat taboo vegan subjects, such as freeganism, animal sentience, and so forth. Everyone should make their decisions based on what feels comfortable to them, but if you want an honest vegan take on these areas, this is just the video for you!
  • Vegan Bodegacat: one of the smaller channels on my list, but is well-deserving of more subscribers! Rebecca makes some of the most entertaining vlogs on restaurant crawls, travel videos, and food reviews–seriously, you will gain some MASSIVE New York fever after watching them! I love how cheery but authentic she is in her reviews and overall videos–plus, her and Berto are such an adorable couple!
My sister currently lives in Baltimore, so I have taken this video into account just in case if I ever visit her. Her reviews are very transparent–not too positive or negative–which is very key for informative takes on a restaurant experience. Might as well visit for the sake of it!
Touring vegan places is one thing, but touring them with a NON-VEGAN is an entirely different ballgame. It is so neat that Rebecca took her brother around New York for vegan donuts and treating him to such wonderful-looking desserts! All the donuts and sandwich look to die for!
  • Rachel Ama: This channel is one of the more recent additions on my list–so far, I love Rachel’s videos a ton! The recipes look insanely colorful, nutritious, but not at all skimpy on flavor and creativity. Her travel videos are also some of my favorites because of the gorgeous editing. Not to mention–she is so creative and has some of the most entertaining collab videos!
If you have never tried Ital curry (including me), watch this video and recreate it. I absolutely have to do the same! It looks stupendous!
Costa Rica was one of my favorite travel destinations in my childhood–Rachel made it appear even more beautiful and environmentally clean and spacious! Man, all the fruit, though. I have officially established a goal to travel back to some childhood places abroad as a vegan to experience all the vegan grub!
  • Lisa Kitahara: AMAZING, AMAZING. Lisa needs X10 if not X20 more subscribers than she has now because her videos of vegan food and cooking are brilliant! Each recipe is very easy to create and they are all nutritionally balanced with some macronutrients more emphasized than others. More importantly, Lisa has such a vibrant and positive personality that you can’t get enough of!
THIS is the video for you if you don’t believe vegans can’t gain muscle or be strong. I don’t know what to tell you if those arms are too small in your opinion. Anyways, it is even more refreshing that Lisa highlights how you can, if not SHOULD, nourish yourself with generous portions of carbohydrates and wholesome but tasty food for achieving progress!
Japanese food: my love, my life. Alongside Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Korean food, of course! Lisa’s full day of cooking and consuming Japanese food will make you salivate to your heart’s content. Each recipe is very authentic to the local delicacies in Japan with a vegan twist. You can’t go wrong!
  • Zanna van Dijk: another newer channel on my list, Zanna! I adore her chill and genuine personality as well as how she consumes mostly healthy foods, but enjoys herself without deprivation or obsession with being perfect! Her meals are very practical and balanced, but fun at the same time. Additionally, if you love home workouts, check out her exercise videos!
Talk about hike envy…AND food envy. This video makes New Zealand look even more beautiful than I imagined (though I had high expectations already!) with the blue pools and gorgeously green atmosphere. Moreover, her and Ant are TOO CUTE. ❤
Another wholesome day of eating that I cannot get enough of! You can tell that Zanna loves her fruits, but she also prioritizes protein and fats in her meals to ensure she’s obtaining a wide variety of nutrients. Not to mention–her contagiously lovable personality!
Nothing beats a cool vlog of various creative recipes and more intimate depictions of quarantining life–I mean, BREAD-MAKING, come on!–that is much more casual and relaxed than a travel vlog or a depiction of someone attending a large event or busy day! Sarah’s true mastery comes in her cooking (plus singing). It’s even more adorable with Eric and Sarah cooking TOGETHER ❤
One of the most interesting “What I Eat in a Day” videos I’ve seen thus far! There are not too many “emotional” days of eating like this (they may be titled “when I’m sad” or with some kind of mental health condition in the title), but this is one of the healthiest I’ve seen yet. She doesn’t deprive herself of her favorite foods and still treats herself with kindness along the way instead of forcing herself to eat anything she hates or overeating/under-eating!
  • What’s Good, Berto?: I discovered Berto’s Instagram from his guest star presence at the Circle V Fest in 2017, which led me to his YouTube channel, which is absolutely marvelous! He has a diverse array of videos–vegan food, restaurant hopping, fitness, random vlogs, fun videos with his girlfriend, and more heartfelt chats–but maintains a holistic and open-minded approach to veganism. Berto is extremely insightful about many topics about veganism, co-parenting, mental health, and many more.
While I have no experience in parenting and dealing with a custody battle, this is such an intriguing video. Berto executes a fantastic sense of understanding, kindness, and transparency with his experience. Disclaimer: it’s quite a heavy video, but I recommend any potential vegan parents watching this and considering how we still have a ways to go to convince others that veganism can be implemented into family life healthily.
Anyone else DEVASTATED that we can no longer attend conventions at this time? Well, this video ignites my cravings for Natural Products Expo West! The food looks like heavenly GOODNESS and it is very refreshing to see the honest reviews of everything. Love me some Rebecca and Berto together! XOXO
  • High Carb Hannah: Hannah is known for her INSANE weight loss transformation thanks to a vegan diet, making it her mission to help others do the same. While I wouldn’t pursue weight loss all the time, her videos are incredibly helpful and refreshing regarding those topics. However, I also adore her take on improving waste reduction, implementing more fruits and vegetables, and dealing with body image struggles. Trust me when I say that she is such a kind soul–I met her at VegFest LA a few years back and she glows just as radiantly, if not more!
Lots of people are volume eaters (story of my life), hence why this video is absolutely perfect for tips on some food changes we can make! This straightforward but wonderfully neat comparison of all kinds of indulgent meals–the pizza is my favorite!
Who said losing weight has to be boring? If you HAVE weight to lose–pounds that deteriorate your health on a medical level–this is one of the most vibrant and wholesome meal plans I’ve ever seen! I’d only follow this loosely. Cater your measurements and portions to your personal needs. But hey, it goes to show that you don’t have to fear carbs!
  • Sweet Simple Vegan: The first duo channel on this list–Jasmine and Chris encompass the most perfect two peas in a pod! Their videos are collectively a bundle of joy and excitement with all the fun recipes they create alongside their heartfelt Q&A’s, full day of eating videos, and vlogs. I LOVE their food challenges where they try different recipes of certain themes and at various places, but even more so how much chemistry and kindness Jasmine and Chris have. I’ve met them several times at vegan festivals such as VegFest and Eat Drink Vegan. They are so wonderful and genuine in person!
These chain restaurants are beloved by many. Now, vegans can do the same! Chris and Jasmine’s adventures to these places were very entertaining to witness–yes, you can eat BURGERS, hot melty cheese, and deliciously hearty meals all around at any restaurants. BRILLIANT!
If you are the only vegan in your family, this is the video you absolutely have to watch FIRST before blowing up into an argument with your family members if they do not want to compromise. The advice given here is applicable to most people, but absolutely refreshing because it does not encourage hostility against
  • Happy Healthy Vegan: Anji and Ryan are absolutely marvelous! I love how transparent they are about many aspects of veganism (the struggles and benefits), plus Anji has such peaceful energy and Ryan has very intellectual energy. What’s cool is how they will make solo videos so that we can view more of what their individual personalities are like, but they are an adorable couple! Like some other YouTubers above, I have met them at some vegan conventions such as Eat Drink Vegan and Vegan Street Fair–they are incredibly sweet and loving when you talk to them!
This is one of my favorite videos from Anji because she just radiates calming and sweet energy while being relatable with the uncertainty of these times. Plus, the recipes she concocts such as the kale chips and cookies are super salivating (but healthy at the same time!)!
Again, I absolutely love how both Anji and Ryan have been acknowledging COVID-19 as a more complicated topic than just “stay at home” and “toilet paper is out of stock”. While I do not agree with EVERYTHING Ryan says in all his videos (including this one), this is an absolute gem overall. He explains the factory farming situation very thoroughly and how animal agriculture is dangerous for the well-being of our societies!

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