Non-Screen Time Activities for a Quarantine

Los Angeles is officially on lock down with most public facilities and nonessential businesses closing their doors to customers, with the exception of ordering online, for takeout, or for delivery. Some people have even been fined for exiting their homes or driving to places that can potentially be contagious. Easier said than done, but there’s no good reason to risk paying a burdensome quantity of money or, even worse, becoming sick.

With this in mind, what’s left to do? Most of us are confined to our kitchens and rooms with television screens nowadays or scrolling the day away on Instagram and TikTok. It figures that many know these electronics are incredibly useful in killing time and even connecting with people online. Having said that, I genuinely believe it’s not healthy to look at our screens 24/7, even if you have blue light blockers on. It may not be physically dangerous, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, we should try our best to cherish each day as a new opportunity to work hard and be productive. If you want to seize every new sunrise as a way to have a fun adventure, so as long as its conducted practicably and safely for yourself and those around you, knock yourself out!

I decided to make this list a little more challenging for myself by eliminating all quarantine activities that involve looking at a screen. FaceTime, Netflix, video games, and all forms of computer and phone leisure/work are not included in this list. We all know these options are available, so why not take time to focus on what we can do beyond this?

  1. Arts and crafts.
  2. Practice skincare rituals.
  3. Read.
  4. Look through old photo books.
  5. Write letters.
  6. Channel your inner performer.
  7. Meditate.
  8. Give yourself a spa treatment.
  9. Dance.
  10. Reorganize and refurnish your home.
  11. Walk outside.
  12. Nurture a new skill.
  13. Become in closer touch with your breathing.
  14. Try a new recipe.
  15. Give back to the community.
  16. Donate anything to the cause–clothes, food, books, other utilities, etc.
  17. Play board games or card games.
  18. Exercise.
  19. Try to cut or dye your hair.
  20. Plant trees.
  21. Try a new makeup look.
  22. Write a screenplay, a book, poetry, etc.
  23. Journal.
  24. Learn home remedies or projects.
  25. Create music.
  26. (Finally) Nourish yourself with high-quality sleep.
  27. Make a bucket list.
  28. List your dreams, wishes, goals, and ambitions.
  29. Draw pictures and comics.
  30. Become closer to adulthood (taxes, house seeing, looking at job opportunities, etc.)
  31. Talk to those around you.
  32. Remind your loved ones how important they are to you.

This list is definitely missing some ideas, so let me know what else you’d do during a quarantine that doesn’t involve a television, phone, or computer screen!

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