Hindsight Happiness and Peace with Uncertainty

In light of 2020 and the palindrome day of 02/02/20 this week, this is a HUGE year for us. Many people are prepared to slay this entire year, let alone decade, and revolutionize their lives and the world around them to their highest degree. We are absolutely sure of our goals and this is just the catalyst of bearing our dreams into reality.

Many of us, like myself, are close to wrapping up our time at college and university. You may just be anticipating your graduation date or the start of a new job. Maybe you’ve been laid off or you just quit your old job. It could also be that you’ve gotten out of a relationship. Whatever the case may be, you have experienced struggles with uncertainty. On the flip side, you probably understand what hindsight happiness feels like. Here’s an example with my friend. Let’s call her Julia:

Julia has MASSIVE plans for 2020. She has just gotten a job at a salon and she absolutely adores it. The customers are nice, the atmosphere is beautiful, and the employee benefits are wondrous. She’s having the time of her life. After some time, she finds that the hour-long commute to and back from work starts to exhaust her. Julia doesn’t get along with one of the owners of the salon and worries encountering them when she starts work. She’s not jumping out of bed to begin the day anymore. However, because she doesn’t know what else to do, she decides to stay. Finding a new job would be far too cumbersome for her stability. Because her relationship with one of the owners fails to improve, she gets laid off. Relapsing back into her personal struggles, she can hardly get out of bed and spends her day sleeping and eating a lot. Eventually, her rent becomes overdue. This prompts her no choice but to work again. Julia finds a new job that pays the bills–she isn’t too thrilled with the atmosphere as much, but at the very least, she gets along with everyone. In her free time, she discovers that journaling is incredibly therapeutic. One of her coworkers encourages her to make a blog about her story with food addiction and depression. Julia creates her website on a free platform and starts blogging about her personal struggles. The blog gains more positive feedback and traffic, including comments and direct messages of other people sharing their own backgrounds and forms of empathy. A few people reach out and ask her loads of questions for their personal journeys. She starts guiding several of them one-on-one, then the clientele eventually expands. Her business with aiding people in achieving their health goals blossoms into a thriving career. Julia has finally gained the dream occupation out of her own efforts and struggles. The answer always lied within her. In hindsight, she’s insanely happy and finds peace in not knowing everything at the moment.

This post isn’t meant to pose a lesson learned. Again, it’s another slice of reality. For the past five months, I seriously struggled with understanding exactly where I wanted to be after graduation, which will arrive by the end of the year–but even depending on the position I receive, that date is tentative as well! I’m not one to put all my Follow Your Heart eggs in one basket and I’ve tossed my cards in an entire plethora of areas to find work. Tomorrow may be a new day for some people, but every day is a new day of work overload or an entire gap of time to stress about the unknown. They say the answer lies within me–but in this case, I honestly do not know what the first step is. I know I can find a job that makes me jump out of bed and grants me the best friends in the universe, but truthfully, it is still insanely hard to grasp this. Despite that I already have secured areas of work and interning, I’m still anticipating more potential. All in all, what has worked so far is re-affirming how many options I have and ending the day by doing something I love.

Like in many situations, I hope that I can look back on this post and tell myself that everything has worked out victoriously. I hope that I can celebrate my accomplishments. I aspire to prove that I have done something extraordinarily phenomenal in my personal goals and have proven my worthiness in benefitting others through food science, revolutionizing the plant-based sector, and sustainability. Hindsight happiness and peace with uncertainty are my ultimate aims–the center of my target.

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