I Turned 22 and it was Quite Boring: Part 1

Sites such as Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan have enlightened Internet users about all the fascinating events that take place for newly 22 year-olds. Essentially, it’s just another year closer full-on adulthood. Having said that, the energy exchange between myself and the path of time closer to December 8th was much less invigorating than it was a year ago. I will explain the transformation in the second post, but first and foremost, thank you all for your patience and utmost understanding for going about your lives without a blog post from me for the past month(s) or so. It is officially my winter break, thus I have the rest of December and the first week of January to pursue my beloved website!

Let’s get onto the birthday recap, shall we? I want to present this insanely remarkable and revolutionary anecdote about how I suddenly was struck by a bolt of new energy once I woke up. I won the lottery that I never entered and was presented with a beautiful vegan and gluten free chocolate cake with 24-karat gold shreds and chocolate frosting made by Willy Wonka himself. That would make for a phenomenal blog post, but this is simply a fantasy. Here’s the reality: my birthday consisted of mostly a mundane student’s Sunday prior to final exams. However, there were some hidden gems that I definitely am grateful for, as…

  • The sun started shining in the morning, despite raining several times in the day.
  • After a few days of being in an exercise rut, my workout was phenomenal. I actually experienced soreness and a heavy sweat in a long time!
  • My laundry was finally clean.
  • The vegan brownies I baked the day before turned out heavenly. I finally can love tahini the way others do. Since the tahini is raw, I made sure to top it on the surface of the brownie after heating it up.
  • Ulta Beauty gifted me with some free vegan and cruelty free mascara.
  • Work was very productive–our report turned out perfectly!
  • Four words: “Queer Eye in Japan”.
  • Three words: Cards Against Humanity.
  • Two words: tikka masala. (P.S. It made for amazing leftovers!)
  • One word: cookies.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, of course, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a bottle of wine or a big party with friends. It is quite unfortunate that my birthday, no fail, lands around the busiest time of the school year. The last I wanted to do was plan out an intricate party, invite friends over and drain them of time and energy for academic work, and make them pay for gifts. To be frank, I didn’t want physical gifts like food, clothing, or jewelry–rather that, I just politely requested an hour from my roommates to play card games with me to share some laughter and joy. I received exactly what I wanted on my birthday: time, energy, and affirmations from others.

To be continued in Part 2!

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