Where I’ve Been: Eat Drink Vegan, Restaurant Hopping, School, Working, and a Destination Bucket List (with progress!)

Why hello to you all! I apologize in advance for such a late post. It has been quite a long time since I last published anything, but the summer thus far has been a whirlwind of events, late nights of working or playing, and of course, trying out new phenomenal vegan food. With all the action and excitement, I cannot be complaining.

Let’s just kick it right into gear and begin with Eat Drink Vegan. This festival was the last one for good, supposedly according to this source. It was really disheartening to hear, but thankfully I brought some company from my university with me to revel in the vegan glory together! Despite it being quite sunny as soon as we arrived, the weather cooled down around 6 P.M. (thank goodness because I was not looking to tan fifteen shades darker). We all had a blast even with general admission tickets!

All three of us visited countless booths, digging into protein samples, various kombuchas, free treats, and for myself, Oatly’s oat milk ice cream! My oat milk ice cream consisted of their standard oat vanilla flavor and mint chip, which tasted incredible. Unlike most ice creams such as almond or coconut, this one was more airy with a sense of whipped fluffiness that’s lighter than most vegan ice cream that tastes a lot fattier. Not saying that this ice cream is fat free, because it probably wasn’t. Daiya also served free ice cream bars–someway, somehow, I ended up with not one, but two free bars, one fudge and one salted caramel, both equally fantastic. Some other standouts include PigOut’s mushroom-based pork rinds, OHI’s superfood bar samples, Berry Bowl’s blue majik chia pudding with granola, and Daiya’s strawberry smoothie. I did wanted to try Roy Choi’s vegan taco from his live cooking demonstration, but a little kid snatched it from the table, even before I got a clear snapshot!

Okay, now that the fun recap is over, academics. Yes, I am currently enrolled in sixteen online units–eight units are active in the form of two classes: Communication, Media, and Politics, as well as Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies in the United States. I find that I have to check on these forums almost every single day if not five to six days a week, which has been quite challenging to find time for when working, shadowing my optometrist, and allotting time for myself too. But, priorities. Sigh.

Along with my academics, I have been interning for SLO Vegan and Easy Vegan Meal Prep for just a few hours a week. Highly recommend you check out these pages frequently, as I will be commenting on them, allowing new members to join, and later in the year, uploading and reposting content!). Anyways, with this internship, I hope to gain business and marketing skills because I still aspire to own my personal company that I have branded one day, whether I am working as a food scientist that also uses social media and manufactures sustainable glasses, or anything else of that sort. As of now, there is so much to learn and I cannot be more excited.

Now for working: I’ve returned to Tender Greens to work part-time! As of lately, I seem to love working even more. Once in a while, the tasks will be overwhelming, especially since there are quite a few aspects to re-learn, but it honestly feels like home here. I was offered a part-time job at Sunlife Organics as well and nearly contemplated tackling on both. So far, I haven’t given a firm yes to the smoothie and juice shop because I already have so much on my plate, but never say never!

Still, I have heaps of ambitions in terms of destinations that I have been dying to cover. There’s an entire bucket list with progress below!


Nic’s on Beverly

Catch LA

Veggie Grill

Sunlife Organics


Halo Top

Pressed Juicery


Loving Hut

Sweet Laurel Bakery

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Bigg Chill


The Butcher’s Daughter

Four Sigmatic


Health Nut

Malibu Country Mart


Donut Friend

Van Leeuwen

Follow Your Heart Cafe

Magpies Softserve

Beaming Cafe

Suncafe Organic

Vegetable L.A.

Doomie’s Home Cookin’

Tocaya Organica

Plant Food and Wine

Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop


The Stalking Horse

Venice Beach

Let’s end on a positive note with some vegan food porn. We’ve got Veggie Grill, Halo Top, Sunlife Organics, Earthbar, Beaming Cafe, Rori’s Artisanal Creamery, Shabuya, Tocaya Organica, and Loving Hut in the mix:

Thank you all so much for your patience and support! I cannot wait to share more blog posts of what I have been up to, tons of food reviews, and so much more!

2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been: Eat Drink Vegan, Restaurant Hopping, School, Working, and a Destination Bucket List (with progress!)

    1. Yes me too! Thank you so much–I am really happy I brought some friends to share the experience with. Made the whole time even sweeter! Aww and thanks darling–I love them!


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